Professional And Skilled People Key To Encouraging Children’s Participation In Physical Activity

The Register, owned and operated by SkillsActive, publicly recognises the qualifications of professionals working in children’s physical activity roles, ensuring that they have the expertise to inspire and instil the future generations with enthusiasm for an active lifestyle. 
Capre will provide verification that those working in the industry are always up-to-date with the qualifications to perform their role, with access to high quality ongoing training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) tools. It receives support from Compass, and other key organisations in the industry, including Fit for Sport, Premier Sport, Let Me Play, Fulham FC Foundation, Super Camps and Sports Plus Scheme. 
Recognising the importance of children’s physical education, the government has extended the annual £150m funding, for the provision of sport and PE in primary schools, for academic years 2015/16. With schools being supported by government to ensure physical activity is delivered, the launch of Capre means primary schools can now make informed choices regarding who delivers physical activity to their children. 
Stephen Mitchell, Head of Consultancy at SkillsActive, comments, “The Capre launch marks a landmark occasion for the industry. The delivery of physical activity is a unique skill that can now be professionally recognised, and the public can now be assured that professionals in this industry do hold the appropriate qualifications. 
Stephen went on to say: “We know that when their children are being looked after by qualified, professional staff, parents feel better about encouraging and supporting participation in physical activity. Knowing that the activities are delivered by qualified and proficient professionals gives parents the peace of mind to know that their children are in safe hands while having fun.”
Martin Gallagher, CEO for Compass, who are a partner to Capre, says, “Capre is the ‘kite mark’ of professionalism and quality for providers of physical activity for children. Compass proudly supports the Register and all of those on it. Capre’s commitment to ensuring there is excellence and regulation throughout this industry will result in an increase in quality throughout the sector.”