Good Health For Babies

Generally a baby’s bed is subjected to numerous unmentionable spillages, with attempts to clean them pushing the offending substance further into the mattress filling. Also, beds are a prime habitat for House Dust Mites, with a typical used adult mattress containing anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside.

If that isn’t bad enough, research carried out by Manchester University showed that up to 16 species of fungi are typically found in a single pillow – and as most babies sleep without one – would suggest that a similar quantity could be found within their cot mattress.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that the ground-breaking design of the PurFlo® mattress has been acclaimed by leading health specialists concerned with allergies and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Not only can it be washed over and over again at 60ºC, but the fully breathable mesh SleepSurface fitted over a hollow frame allows free air circulation preventing the re-breathing of CO2.

The PurFlo® mattress not only provides the most hygienic option available today, but for babies suffering from allergies such as asthma and eczema which are aggravated by fungi and House Dust Mites, has major health benefits too.

 Leona Price, whose son Daniel sleeps on a PurFlo® mattress, comments:

“I came across some information on the PurFlo® mattress and fell in love with the cleanliness of it straight away. As soon as I moved Daniel onto the PurFlo® mattress I felt instantly relieved. I’m quite a house proud person and it’s incredible to think that there can be millions of House Dust Mites in a used mattress. I’m thankful I can whip off the PurFlo® cover and throw it into the washing machine. It’s so much more hygienic. I don’t have any worries when Daniel is sick either, it just goes straight through and I pop the cover in the machine.”

Spare PurFlo® SleepSurfaces can be purchased separately, meaning that you can always have a spare one to hand and ideal when passing the mattress down to siblings. The PurFlo® mattress can be used with or without sheets and the PurFlo® fitted sheet has been specifically designed with 100% organic cotton, ensuring the level of breathability from the mattress is not compromised.

To further enhance a baby’s peaceful slumber PurFlo® also has a range of unique SleepSacs with a silky soft 100% bamboo fabric lining that is naturally anti-bacterial absorbing 60% more moisture than cotton, plus a high tech Anti-Bacterial filling. Once you have experienced the amazing benefits of the PurFlo® SleepSystem™, understandably you won’t want to sleep your baby on anything else. This isn’t a problem, because the PurFlo® mattress disassembles easily and can be taken with you when travelling and is perfect for grandparents and family who occasionally have babies to stay.