Bunnies Or Bears?

Danish-born designer Peter Jensen collaborates with sustainable and Fair Trade fashion pioneers People Tree to produce a fresh collection. Peter Jensen uses his sense of humour to create fun graphic pieces, printed with overlapping, messy bunnies and excitable looking bears. Jensen’s wearable collection comprises of three dress styles, rabbit tee’s as well as bear sweatshirts suitable for men and women. If you go out, in Jensen’s teddy bear sweatshirts, to the woods this winter be sure of snug surprise!


People Tree interviews Peter Jensen to find out how and why, bunnies or bears came to life?


“It’s about giving a second life, and a new twist, to some of our favourite prints and shapes from past collections, presenting them in a new way for a new audience. The archive print bear is from our SS09 collection, named Jodie after Jodie Foster. The bear came from the film Hotel New Hampshire, which I love, but is quite an odd film! The rabbit is our logo now. It came from a print we did for one of the first collections. It just seemed to fit somehow.” Peter Jensen


T-shirts, jumpers and dresses are made in 100% Organic Cotton, available, in both prints, in a size 8-16.


People Tree is the pioneer of Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. People Tree is the first international fashion company to be awarded the WFTO Fair Trade product label. People Tree launched the first Soil Association certified product manufactured in the developing world ten years ago. Our products are made to the highest Fair Trade and environmental standards from start to finish and consistently prove that it is possible to wear stylish, exciting and affordable fashion, at the same time as respecting people and planet.