How To Make A Tooth whitening polish

Even among natural brands, it’s impossible to find a toothpaste that isn’t packed full of sugar (glycerine) or nasty preservatives. Tooth powders are a great option, but I really prefer a paste. So, I came up with the idea for an oil and clay based tooth polish after reading about oil pulling. The result is a super simple and all natural abrasive that leaves your teeth squeaky clean and sugar-free. Adding in a few drops of consumption-safe essential oils gives this polish an antibacterial edge.


Ingredients and What They Do:

  • Coconut Oil: My new favorite! Coconut Oil is antibacterial and absorbent. Plus, it’s solid at room temperature, adding to the thickness of this polish. You can substitute for any food-safe oil, but this may affect the consistency of the final product. (Where to find Coconut Oil online)
  • Bentonite Clay: Acts as an abrasive to scrub off food debris, but it is also mega detoxifying. Clay is very alkaline, drawing out acidic toxins and bacteria like a magnet. (Where to find Bentonite Clay online)
  • Essential Oils: My favorite mix is Peppermint and Orange (it tastes like candy cane). You can use others, but make sure you are diluting them properly for internal use, especially if kids will be using the polish. Reference a reputable book for this info. If you’re wondering if a particular oil is safe, feel free to leave a question below and I will check my collection of aromatherapy books for the correct dilution.

I’m currently battling a potential cavity and attempting remineralization, so I also add in just on drop of thyme essential oil. Thyme oil is one of the most antibacterial oils available. You wont taste the thyme in this recipe but it will fight bacteria in your mouth. Another option is Oregano Essential Oil, but I don’t hate myself enough to put it in a tooth paste.


Coconut Oil and Clay Tooth Polish


Coconut Oil and Clay Tooth Polish



Step 1

Melt the coconut oil by warming in the oven, in a hot sink full of water, or on the stove with a low heat setting.


Coconut Oil and Clay Tooth Polish

Step 2

Add clay and essential oils to the melted coconut oil and mix quickly. Your paste should resemble chocolate sauce in consistency: still runny, but pretty thick.

Step 3

Pour your polish into your container while it’s still runny. Place it in the fridge to harden up. The final consistency of the polish will depend on your climate. If your house is not air conditioned like mine, your polish may be runny when it’s still 90 degrees inside at bedtime. In colder months, this polish will be solid.

Coconut Oil and Clay Tooth Polish

To use, simply rub your brush around on the surface (or dip it in if your polish is runny) to get a very small amount on your brush. Use as you would a normal toothpaste and rinse very well with warm water. I’ll admit, this polish does take some getting used to. You’re essentially brushing with oil and dirt, but give it a chance! When you’re done your teeth will feel so smooth and clean, you wont even miss the sugar.

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