These are fun to make with children or with some friends

Once you have the basic dark recipe down and you feel confident in your tempering skills, you can do lots of fun things.


Today we are going to use enrobing/ dipping. This is something we touched on in the recipe for Raw Milky Truffles; I don’t expect you to still have that email, so I will share all the info again.


If you didn’t give enrobing a shot last time around, then please do this time as it will really move you forward with your skill set.


Let’s revisit a few points on dipping/enrobing


1- This takes a lot of patience at first until you get to know the behaviour of chocolate and how it reacts to different temperatures and such things


2- That which you are dipping should be at room temperature when you enrobe it; if the item is cold when you dip it, it will push through the surface of the chocolate shell (the following is an exception to this rule as it will be kept frozen)


3- They may not come out perfect the first time, but it’s all about having fun and being creative, so who cares?!!? Also, you will be learning important lessons as you go along. Those lessons are highly valuable to your chocolate journey.


4 – You may need to work quickly at times and give the chocolate a little heat every now and again if it gets too thick while you work with it.


5 – It’s all about the thickness of the chocolate…


When using chocolate to enrobe, you want the temperature at about 26c/78.8f, (for dark chocolate) but more important than temperature is consistency; the chocolate should be thick enough to give a nice thick coating on the first dip.


If it’s not thick enough, you will know once you dip the first item. This is not a problem, just allow that first item to set and re-dip it. Before continuing, whisk the chocolate until it comes to a thicker consistency.


Remember, this takes patience. After you have dipped the item, place it on a sheet of greaseproof paper or a teflex lined dehydrator tray, sprinkle with some chopped nuts and pop in the fridge to set.


Let’s get you rockin’ and rollin’!


Chocolate Covered Apple and Banana Lolly Pops


Things you will need in order to get started:

A bunch of ripe bananas

4 Apples


Lolly Pop sticks (I got mine from )

A baking tray lined with greaseproof paper or a dehydrator tray lined with teflex

500g dark tempered chocolate



To garnish your fruit:

> Soaked and dehydrated chopped nuts: almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, etc..

> A mix of ¼ c cacao nibs, ¼ c coconut sugar and 1 tsp cinnamon

> Dried fruit of your choice; sliced cranberries, chopped cherries, chopped      blueberries, etc….

> Dried desiccated coconut

> Raw Granola

> Candied Nuts and Seeds


First things first, freeze the bananas. Peel them and cut into 2 ½ inch chunks.



Insert a toothpick ¾ the way through the chunks and place on a greaseproof paper lined baking tray in the freezer for 4 hours – overnight.


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