Creating texture and aroma in chocolate; Dark Chocolate with Candied Pecans and Sweet Cherries

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Today we are going to talk a little about texture and aroma in chocolate. For me, this is the backbone of any great raw chocolate bar.


Don’t get me wrong, I love a plain dark or milk bar as much as the next chick, but adding flavour and texture to the chocolate brings a whole new dimension to explore and creates a space for you to get creative and show yourself through your chocolate.


When I talk about texture, I am referring to either crunchy or chewy.


Some examples of this are :


Nuts (preferably which have been, at least, soaked and dehydrated if not candied/seasoned)

Cacao Nibs

Espresso Beans

Mulberries (which have been dehydrated until crispy)

Dried Banana Chips (sliced very thin, dehydrated until crispy)

Buckwheaties (soaked and slightly sprouted buckwheat which is then dehydrated)

Raw Granola (broken into chocolate = YUMFEST)

Freeze Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits – Pear, Apple, Mango, Apricot, WhiteMulberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Cranberry, Black Mulberry, Raisin,

Goji, Incan Berries, Guava, Papaya, Fig, Dates, Prune, Peach, Kiwi, etc…


And aroma is a very fun one to play with and get into. When you think of aroma you might think Lavender, Rose, Vanilla (which I have recently learned is a scent, not a flavour, pretty cool ) Coffee… right?


Well, it used to be that, in raw foods, that’s where the buck stopped, but now we have the miracle of Medicine Flower Flavour Extracts. If you have not heard of these or tried them, then it’s a must. I know they’re pricey, but they’re totally worth it and last ages.


You can now bring fresh, vibrant flavours into your chocolate, desserts and general raw food scrumptiousness with these innovative flavour extracts.


These are some particularly good ones;






Dark Cherry




You can also get down and giggy with essential oils, try to think outside of the box here.


I’m talking about things like  –


Black Pepper

Star Anise ( a personal favourite in all things chocolate)



Cedar Wood



Juniper Berry

When combining texture with aroma, you want to consider how those components suit each other and then how the addition of an aroma will play against those flavours and the flavour of the chocolate. Once you get more into flavour combining and general food preparation, this becomes intuitive, but to begin with you might put together some weird stuff.



Again, this is a learning process, so have fun, play and enjoy the process of learning and exploring; this is an exploration of chocolate and also a self exploration into who you are and how you can reflect that in a chocolate bar. It’s not as esoteric as it sounds, promise.


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Have a fun, relax, smile and enjoy,




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