The ila Rainforest Rejuvenation Facial at The Spa at Stanley House

A lymphatic drainage massage connects and moves the circulation of the skin to boost skin regeneration and leave you with a more plumped, glowing look. This is followed by the application of hot poultices over the lymph points to warm and stimulate the flow. The true gem of this treatment comes in the form of the rainforest mask applied full of plant extracts and ingredients to leave you lifted, tighter and brighter…


The plant properties used are packed with collagen boosting ingredients and combined with a lymphatic massage, designed to clear toxins, this treatment results in an immediate lifting, tightening and brightening effect on the skin. The products also have a low oil content and so are ideal for treating acne prone skin and are completely safe for use in pregnancy.


The Spa at Stanley House ila Rainforest RejuvenationFacial: 55mins | £55



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