I was greeted by a mild and cozy atmosphere that gave me the impression that the restaurant was driven by a passion for a healthy lifestyle, and for the art of delicious and healthy cuisine making, and not only from the perspective of running a business – something I always noticed that happens in some new places, as I believe that all success starts with a vision that comes from the heart.


The owners recently changed their entire menu and upgraded the restaurant concept to a gourmet standard – using only fresh organic produce. 

They hired a new skilled French chef who has worked in the best raw and vegan restaurants in the world. He came to Copenhagen full of inspiration, and his talent and passion about “living foods” definitely showed through his wonderful dishes.


The quality of the food was amazing and I was blown away how every dish was a beautiful little artwork, and the menu a great combination of mix of raw and vegan choices to a point where the most inveterate meat-eater would be impressed.  As a starter I had a delicious kale salad, which was such a sensory experience, my main course; vine leaves jerusalem artichoke dolmas was also excellent and the dessert completed the menu , a citrus  “cheese” cake.


The unconventional combination of the ingredients convinced me that they want to create a unique experience for their customers. They also have a really good selection of drinks, from fresh organic juices, smoothies, unsweetened sodas to biodynamic & organic wines. And as a positive surprise they served purified osmosis water instead of regular tap water – I was excited to find that they value the importance of a good water source, as I do.


From the moment I walked into the restaurant to the moment I walked out I felt the attentive presence of the waiter and how minutely he ensured that we had an unforgettable Firefly Garden experience. I love this place and it was a perfect night in “Wonderland”. 

Thanks Firefly ! 

Firefly Garden



Frederiksborggade 26
1360 Copenhagen K
+45 33 36 33 30


Opening hours

monday – saturday 11.30 – 10.00pm 

sunday 11.30 – 4pm