Why I applaud Sally Roberts for challenging doctors’ decision that her son needs risky radiotherapy

But first let me say that the criticism levelled at Roberts clearly comes from people who have no idea how often doctors prescribe treatments that do more harm than good, and in this article I will also tell you about a recent study that illustrates just how gigantic a problem this has become.

In late October, seven-year old Neon Roberts had surgery to remove a brain tumour. The tumour was removed in full yet doctors advised his parents that he should have radiotherapy immediately (as well as chemotherapy) as the tumour “may well recur”.

His mother, Sally Roberts, says that a doctor explaining the radiotherapy to her told her it would basically “fry his brain”.

“I lost all confidence in him,” she said. “I thought, they have got the whole tumour out so why are they frying his brain?”

However, her estranged husband disagreed. And so began a court battle to determine Neon’s fate, with doctors arguing that without the treatment, Neon’s chance of survival would be “greatly reduced”.

On Sunday, Sally Roberts took her son away in an attempt to protect him from the potentially dangerous and damaging treatment.

A nationwide search for mother and son began, with a judge even taking the unusual step of publicly releasing their identities and pictures so they would be quickly tracked down.

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