Massaging with your feet – a new way to massage!

What a unique idea! I would just hope that whoever does this has nice smooth feet!


Massage by Feet DVD from  Enjoyfeet visually demonstrating a pioneering new sensual and effective foot massage technique. The DVD, concentrates on feet and  includes  demonstrations on how to give a full no-hands body massage using just feet, a section on back walking, exercises for the feet and a full pedicure demonstration is the perfect stocking filler for people who love massage and are looking for something different. 


Enjoyfeet founder, Sue Kent, says the DVD is ideal either for people who just love feet, or for those
who don’t have the upper body strength to give a deep massage: “The use of feet in massage can be relaxing and for some, a very sensual experience,” she explains. “As well as demonstrating the technique for no-hands massage, this DVD also shows you how to look after your feet and prepare them for massage, to enhance the experience for both the massage therapist and the receiver.”


The DVD shows the unique no-hands technique for giving a full body massage, including back, buttocks, legs, feet, neck, chest, abdomen, arm and hand massage, using just feet whilst seated.
The Enjoyfeet DVD costs £17.50, including postage within the UK, and is available from and Amazon UK.