Which Detox? It’s the new free advisory service on detox delivery programmes

Which Detox was set up in response to the large number of detox programmes that are now available to be delivered to peoples homes or office. What has been missing is a service to match the right detox plan to the right person. Many companies don’t have an in -house nutritionist to advice people on the right plan for them. Some people have more complex health needs than others which need to be catered for and then there are people who are generally confused about ‘detox’ in general and which plan is going to suit them. 


The site is also a great resource to learn more about detox and to see what options are available as companies bring out new plans all the time. For example warmer winter options that include soups and one day programmes to help maintain that detox glow for longer.


Raw & Juicy, Plenish Cleanse, Raw to Door, Nosh Detox, Soupajuice , Radiance Cleanse, Purifyne and Cru8 (Detox Delivered) are all working with Which Detox?


The brains behind Which Detox?  Belinda Mann BSc Dip ION 

Ex-city girl, nutritionist, consultant & reviewer of detox retreats, magazine contributor & global glow-getter. Brazil-London-Bali

Belinda studied at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London. Whilst studying she worked at an investment bank and during this time saw first hand the ill effects of the fast paced lifestyle that city workers lead. Bringing health to the corporate world is of particular interest to her. Her interest in health and nutrition led her to develop a passion for detoxification. Not as the weight loss fad, but as a path back to good health. 

Her love for learning about nutrition has taken her all over the world and she now resides between Rio de Janeiro, London and Bali, where she is involved in detox retreat work. Her expertise in detox inspired her to set up www.which-detox.com