Anti-Ageing Desserts: Choc-Orange Chia Pudding

Chocolate orange chia pudding (it’s carob really not cacao)

You need
Dates (about 10 dried and soaked or fresh and chewy)
Bananas (about 3, ripe and speckled)
Plant milk (hemp, rice, almond etc)
Orange ( 1 ripe organic one)
Raw Carob powder
Chia seeds

To make
Blend 10 soaked dates with 3 ripe bananas, t tablespoon of plant milk then add the juice and grated peel of one organic orange. (never use the peel from a non-organic fruit).
Add 1 tablespoon of raw carob powder and 1 tablespoon of chia seed. Blend just once to mix in then leave to stand for 30mins as the chia soaks up the liquid.
Serve in ramekin or in a dainty vintage tea cup and saucer with orange peel shreds.

Facelift nutrition
This pudding is low in fat with just 15% of it’s calories coming from fat, despite it’s low-fat status this yummy dessert contains a whopping 5g of Omega 3 fatty acids!  There’ll be no clogging up or bloating from this pudding as it contains 26g of fibre. Protein is good too at 9g which for an adult female is 20% of the daily recommended amount. It is also high in manganese and copper, 2 of our anti-ageing minerals and contains good amounts of the B vitamin complex especially B6 (74% of the RDA).

This pudding serves 4 so remember to share!