Low Fat Health Pancakes

Blend together 3 ripe speckled bananas and 3 tablespoons of freshly ground flaxseeds, you can buy whole linseeds and just grind them in a coffee mill.

Add enough water to make a thick batter

Season with cinnemon


To turn them into a pancake spread the mixture into circles about 1cm thick onto baking parchment or special sheets that come with your dehydrator.


Deydrator users: dehydrate for 2 hours, flip then dehydrate for a further 2-5 hours until you have a pliable pancake


Don’t own a dehydrator? Me neither, I made mine by putting my oven on the absolute lowest setting and leaving the door open. The took 2 hours on each side to be ready.


Makes about 4-6 pancakes


Simply  slice and freeze 3 bananas (per person) overnight and make the ice-cream fresh once the pancakes are finished by putting the bananas through the food processor until they are fluffy ‘Mr Whippy’ style ice-cream. You can also make other flavolurs of ice-cream such as our Sexy Raspberry Ice Cream here


Chop a selection of fresh fruit then asemble your pancake, you can either roll all the fruit and ice-cream inside or fold the pancake over as I did and serve the ice-cream on top