Mini guide to making great-tasting raw gourmet food…with fewer nuts

Besides the excessive fat, there are other drawbacks to such recipes. The use of large amounts of raw organic nuts makes them:

  • too expensive for those with low incomes
  • too expensive for mass production/consumption, and
  • a small quantity of rancid nuts in a recipe can force the chef to discard a large batch of very expensive food.

For a (2012) price comparison, a single slice of raw vegan faux cheesecake can cost $8+ here in California (if you can find it) while a whole conventional cheesecake can be purchased for $12. Needless to say, such a large price differential discourages those with conventional diets from sampling the raw vegan alternative.

To reduce the quantity of nuts and decrease the cost of gourmet raw recipes, fillers – usually (but not always) neutral or mild-tasting foods – can be used as a substitute for part of the nuts in a recipe. The fillers are ground up in a food processor/blender and a partial list is below.

As for which filler to use, that will depend on the recipe and preferences of the chef. In some recipes it may be appropriate to adjust the quantity of flavouring ingredients/spices to compensate for the lower fat content.

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