What is the vital link between enjoying Yoga and a detox and cleanse practice?


So what is a detox? 

A detox is a period when you abstain form certain foods and drinks, to enable the body, mind and soul to thoroughly rest. A practice that allows the body a chance to cleanse and purge old waste and toxins via the bodies natural elimination organs, such as the skin and especially the colon. It can help reduce swelling and inflammation as well as remove the burden of toxins form stores deep in your organ and muscle tissues. 

When we have created some inner space we are naturally allowing better health, higher energy and clear mindedness to enter. 


The fast is an ancient healing method spoken of by Hippocrates the western father of medicine. 460 to 377 BC. Everyone has a physician inside him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.”


When we rebuild the body after a fasting and cleansing period on raw foods, healing occurs because we are digesting life force energy in the foods that we eat. These foods are alive and full of essential enzymes. Living and raw foods are filled with enzymes which are needed for every function of the body, from every step we make to the vital communication between our cells to tell the brain how we feel and what we sense. Raw foods also allow our body to work efficiently at eliminating what’s toxic and harmful. The body grows stronger and the mind clearer. When we finally stop working against our body’s natural intelligence and miracles happen.


Perhaps you have been following a healthy lifestyle for several years and have maybe even done a herbal cleanse or two you may well assume you are now fully “detoxed”. I’m here to tell you that you are almost certainly not! How do I know that? Because I’m willing to bet you grew up on the standard, “socially accepted” fare and ate this diet throughout your teens, most probably your 20s too, and quite probably even longer. 


If this is you, make no mistake: you could benefit from at least two “hard-core” detoxes a year, and a colonic every week for the rest of your life. Why? Because those years of toxic eating caused a massive accumulation of waste to be stored deep in your tissues, and that waste can only be released very gradually – as and when the colon is clear enough to take out more of it. 


So no matter how long you’ve been on your junk-free diet, or how many cleansing program’s you’ve done, there is much to gain from committing to at least two week-long detoxes a year. I guarantee you will still be releasing deep stores of old toxins from your tissues. That is why when we cleanse we can feel so uplifted, we have more energy at our disposal, we have more flexibility to and even crave to bend and stretch our bodies much further than was ever possible before. Our joints become flexible and any irritations are quickly released with this kind of deep care for our body, muscles, tissues and cells. 


Elimination is the name of the game and even if you eliminate several times a day, every day of your life, and think your bowels are working efficiently, I doubt that you are getting out anywhere near as much as you have put in. Don’t agree with me? Here is a simple test you can do to find out. First thing in the morning, while still lying in bed, suck in your stomach as much as you can. If your mid section – the area from under your rib cage to your hip bones – goes concave, then you are empty. This is the area that houses your intestines and colon, and chances are you have enough old waste matter lurking there that your stomach will look more convex than concave.


Accumulated waste in the colon can affect any of our organs at any time. Organ tissues are only as healthy as the blood that feeds them and the blood is only as clean as the bowel from which our nutrients are supplied. So when we routinely take in more than the body has the capacity to process (or substances the body can’t easily process) this excess will start to build up not only on the walls of the colon, but eventually in cells and tissues throughout the body. 


Most of our aches, pains, sicknesses and infections can be traced back to the health of our body’s “waste disposal unit”. The colon health expert Dr. Bernard Jensen identified and mapped the colon into 72 reflex areas that each correspond to specific organs and body parts – for example, the kidneys, liver or spleen and the neck, arms or legs. He theorized that old waste that has become toxic in the colon and will affect the tissue of the corresponding organ or body part. Symptoms can include headaches, backache, mental fog, depression, swelling and inflammation. 


Yoga is a holistic science of wellbeing that looks within for it’s healing, what better way than taking your practice to a new level and experiencing an entirely new up lifting feeling that builds solid foundations for strength, vitality, quick recovery and flexibility, through purification and Cleansing. (but which is easier to do and say than Shankaprakshalana.)

I have seen people get into deeper stretches after a cleanse just because they have cleared so much away, their joints become more flexible and any aches and pains are far less.


What’s the matter?

What you ingested over the last four to five days that has not yet managed to leave you is known as normal waste matter. The matter that goes back a month or three, and which will have begun to embed itself in the intestines, is called putrefactive matter. This matter is still moist and it is really stinky stuff, as you can imagine. Slow cooking at 98.6 degrees for weeks on end will do that.


Then there is the even older waste, which has been polluting your insides for years. This is post-putrefactive matter. It is completely dry and tends to be black, dark brown, grey or white, hard like plastic or rubber, and it normally comes out in long strips. Vegetable juice fasting can eventually remove some of this, but more effective is a regular regime of deep tissue cleansing with high fibre and clay shakes that are mixed with herbs, enzymes, probiotics and a daily enema done for a week twice a year. This combination softens this old matter and sweeps it out of its hiding places. 

The special high fiber seed from the plantago plant can absorb ten times its weight in water, and as it expands in the body, it brushes and sweeps along the intestinal walls, taking old impacted matter with it. A special clay is used to draw toxins to it in huge quantities. It can absorb 40 times its own weight in toxic matter, that is released by the fast and detox period and is now floating in your blood and lymph system.


For optimal health, and a solid foundation that will build core strength, I recommend a week-long colon cleanse twice a year – preferably in the spring and autumn, when you will ideally be changing your diet to the new foods that grow in your locality. You will achieve the best results on a detox like this when you follow through with a cleansing diet of eating raw food and drinking juices for a while. 


Detoxing, Colon Cleansing and a Raw food diet will make your constriction less rigid, but it is yoga that will stretch your tissue. 

Cleansing allows the raw food nutrients to be easily absorbed which furnishes the body with the best material for optimal health. Yoga helps the body to make the most of it. 

Yoga and the cleansing practice are similar in the ways they make you feel. Yoga books describe the same euphoric experiences I have found with the cleansing practice. They are alike—liberating, energizing, and exhilarating. Each practice complements the other, multiplying the same physical and mental benefits. 

Yoga and the cleansing practice are both meant for purification of your body as well as for the refinement of your appearance and clarification of the mind. You’ll find startling the resulting enhancement in your looks, improvement in your posture, and your better skin and muscle tone. You’ll feel your vitality brought by yoga practice to a new lofty height


My first time following the colon cleanse and deep tissue looked like this:


I took FIVE CLEANSING SHAKES FOR THREE DAYS as well as a regular enzyme supplement that naturally melted away stubborn areas of waste and mucoid placque, undigested proteins and carbohydrates held in my colon. The daily probiotics do a fantastic job of replacing good bacteria in the digestive system, essential for a well functioning and healthy digestion. In the evenings of the fast I enjoyed a tasty vegetable juice or vegetable broth which gave me my essential nutrients directly into my blood with out any digesting necessary.

I had no hunger pangs, which was a big bonus and I started to enjoy the experience as I cleaned up my body. I FELT MY BODY was at last getting a good internal cleanse.

I slept well which was recommended, as without proper rest the energy cannot go to each cell and remove the toxins stored there. I had SURGES OF ENERGY even on the second day. By the third and fourth day I was expelling the long awaited MUCOID PLACQUE which was fascinating and yet weirdly disturbing to see what my body had produced.


Thankfully it was out of me and I will be much better for that. This is the result I wanted as this is the heavy stuff that contains all the toxins, undigested food and parasites that lined my intestines and stopped my body from absorbing all the nutrients needed for a good healthy body and mind. Fancy that, a rubber substance inside your colon and digestive system that actually stops your organs from getting what they need to keep you healthy. 


On the fourth day I enjoyed fruit for a whole day, which tasted so different, I could taste every individual fruit and I really enjoyed all the flavours. The fifth day is for raw salads and a host of vegetables each of them tasting delightful, after that I introduced each individual food type slowly testing how it effected my energy and digestion. You can do that when you have such a clean insides, your body will tell you pretty quickly what is working well and what is not. 

I experienced
7 immediate major effects from the 7 day detox which were:

1. I lost weight quickly and easily.
2. I improved my daily energy by 100%.
3. My skin was clear and my eyes were sparkling.
4. I no longer had embarrassing stomach problems such as gas and bloating.
5. I felt cleaner, lighter, more positive and so much happier about 

6. I did not ache after taking sport and I recovered in record time.

7. My monthly moon cycle was regular and without pain or mood swings.

My eyes have changed colour since I started to regularly detox. I used to have dark brown eyes and now they have turned three-quarters green as the acidity and areas of toxicity in my tissues and cells reduces (and many who have undertaken a long-term cleansing regime report similar results). This has taken years and will continue to change, I am sure, as I keep to a pure diet and a deep tissue detox twice a year. I still see old post–putrefactive matter leave me each time I cleanse, which is remarkable. 

Or is it – remembering I only started to cleanse in my late 30s?


Fiona Robertson is the creator of the Home Detox Box a 7 day DIY deep tissue cleanse you can easily do at home, and Retreat Biarritz in France. An all inclusive detox week where Fiona coaches you through a cleanse program including massage, Reiki, walking in nature and raw food preparation.


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