Iris signs indicating severe irritation of liver & healing protocols


A vascular transversal in the iris is transversal marking of red blood vessel colour. It indicates pain, stress & severe irritation . Vascular transversals  may appear anywhere in the iris. According to research by John Andrews an Iridologist can identify tendencies to:-

  • malignancy
  • degeneration
  • circulatory imbalances.

For example if there is one in the area of the heart area the Iridologist needs to check for cardiac ischemia. And when they are seen in the breast area it may indicate breast tumours. Today Im going to talk about the liver vascular transversal and a crypt vascular transversal in the bowel area.

On an emotional level:-

  • anger
  • frustration
  • delusions
  • relationships with females maybe the main underlying factors

If you look closely in the Right iris image you will see a red blood vessel running through the 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock area towards the edge of the blue iris tissues. This is called a HEPATIC Vascularised Transversal which is found in the liver area. They are of utmost clinical importance . If one is present in the iris then regular hepatic detoxification and support are indicated for the patient.

There are 4 main hepatic transversals :-

  • Root
  • Antlered
  • Candlestick
  • General vascularised transversal

In  this above image we can see the vascularised transversal which means we need to consider the possibility of the following in the medical history:-

  • Liver congestion & dysfunction
  • Hepatitis (autoimmune or viral types)
  • Adverse vaccine reaction
  • liver transplant
  • Mononucleosis
  • Hypercholesteroaemia
  • Liver cirrosis
  • Autoimmune Primary Biliary Cirrohosis
  • Gilbert’s syndrome
  • Portal hypertension
  • Hypergammaglobulinaemia (Excess of protein gamma globulin)
  • Tumour or cystic formations in the liver, lung or breast.

Treatment protocols might include herbs such as:-

  • Milk Thistle
  • Chaparral
  • Artichoke
  • Burdock root
  • Reishi
  • Chaga

should be considered for use in combination with other liver cleansing protocols such as:-

  • liver flushing
  • ancient Naturopathic healing
  • cleansing techniques – from castor oil packs to enemas, oil pulling
  • colonic irrigation
  • taking clays such as Zeolite & Bentonite
  • using liver cleansing foods such chlorella
  • organic green juices from organic and wild produce

 for example cleavers to dandelion, nettles and so on, sticking as close to nature as possible.

Include foods that break down and flush out the bad oestrogen’s from your body that contain methyl donor nutrients (methylation process in the body) which is beneficial to hormonal balance especially  in women helping  to get rid of the bad/toxic oestrogen mimickers due to our polluted environment such as  plastic bottled water , GMO soya products and so on.

Remember the liver filters & processes excess hormones & helps to regulate blood sugar imbalance & more!

heavy metal removal

  • parasite cleanse using herbs and zapper
  • oxygen therapy
  • make sure vitamins & minerals are made from food and not synthetic as these will further damage & confuse the liver cells
  • use dairy free probiotics and drinks & foods made with them such as
  • coconut water Kefir

avoid drinking tap & plastic bottle water & drinking spring water if you can – remember water has memory see video below.

The treatment of the liver  is another vast  subject.

From looking at the physiological- emotional aspect to the nutritional. Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunological pathways can be dysfunctional if the liver is congested or the various hepatic functions are impaired.

Considering Epigenetics and more!

And exercise – keep the lymphatic system or ‘pipes’ moving which really are our “dustbin men“. So consider yoga, gigong & rebounding for some great results. Simple skin brushing techniques help to move that lymphatic system too

This patient (image above) was suffering from uncomfortable & painful period related symptoms and also feeling emotionally out of balance such as crying for no apparent reason.

Here in the Right image below we can see a marking @ 7.30 0′clock. It is like a rhomboid hole in the tissues – this is called a Crypt.

When we see a blood transversal running through a crypt it signifies a severe tendency to chronicity & oxidative stress of the organ or system.

In this case this patient suffered from Colitis which he had managed to heal by avoiding dairy produce & white flour.

He came to me suffering from extreme bouts of fatigue which was due to his irregular blood sugar levels as he admitted to his love of red wine.

I also like to mention that at the start of a consultation , I listen to the voice to hear if there is a Chinese Medicine wood imbalance. I also look at the facial markings and colouring, again Chinese Medicine, all which just help confirm the Iridology signs as I put the jigsaw puzzle pieces together and ask careful relevant questions.

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Susan Laing