Caramelised Apples with Fat Free Vanilla Icecream

I sometimes have this for breakfast because health is yummy at anytime of the day.

This recipe calls for some preparation the night before, so have a read though before you attempt making it. 

You need

Apples about 2-3 per person

Dates (soaked overnight) about 2-3 per person

Bananas (ripe!) about 2-3 per person

Raisins about a handful per person

Oranges (freshly juiced)


Vanilla (fresh pods or natural extract)


You will also need a food processor


Prep the ice-cream:

Peel, slice and freeze your bananas overnight. That’s it.


Prep the apples and caramelise them:

Peel, core and slice your apples then place in a mixing bowl. Next place you soaked dates into the food processor with enough OJ to whizz up into a runny sauce. Add some cinnamon and blend again.

Pour the sauce over the apple slices and mix thoroughly. Add your raisins and mix well again.


Leave the bowl in the fridge overnight. The sauce will ‘cook’ the apple making it soft.


The next day, when in the mood for pudding divide your caramel apples up into bowls and then make the ice cream


Vanilla Ice-Cream

Simple add your frozen banana slices to your food processor until you have ‘crumbs’ then leave to stand for 5-10 minutes. Pulse again then rest, pulse and rest until you have white soft ‘mr whippy’ style ice-cream. You may have to use a spatula to keep pushing the banana back down into the processor. Once it is all soft and ‘ice-creamy’ add a good splash of vanilla essence or the scrapings from inside a vanilla pod.


Serve immediately before the ice-cream melts