Zuvy – Handpicked lifetime travel experiences in Latin America

Learn about the most ancestral Quechua traditions and customs from the wise locals to better understand the history of these people. Visit the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro and erase from your mind the stereotype of crime and violence of these communities. Stay in a charming lodge in the middle of the Amazon that aims not only to maximize your enjoyment but also to educate indigenous communities in cultural and environmental conservation of the natural paradise around them. Walk through the most authentic Atacama desert, full of colors and nature with the opportunity to interact and contribute to the Aymara communities in the area.


All this is possible thanks to Zuvy, the first marketplace that brings together the most special local providers of experiential and responsible tourism, from different lodgings with local flavor, to small operators of transformational experiences. They benefit local communities and the environmental and cultural conservation of the destination.


Founded by Sonsoles and Jaime Navarro, Zuvy is already present in all of Latin America and works with over 40 suppliers committed to their mission.


“About 70-80 % of tourism revenues in emerging countries do not stay within the countries.”


Both Sonsoles and Jaime aim to contribute to minimize these losses and ensure that part of tourism expenditures stay within the destination. They seek to promote sustainable growth by increasing the autonomy of small and medium tourism enterprises operating in these places.


In addition, demand for responsible and sustainable tourism is growing: approximately 60-70 % according to official sources. There are about 135 -150 million tourists sensitive to the impact of tourism on development and who seek life experiences in destinations that are not overexploited by urbanization


Zuvy is aimed at adventurous travelers committed with the world they live in and wanting to experience new emotions. These travelers do not have easy access to these transformative experiences from their countries of origin. Zuvy seeks to be the channel that allows independent travelers to contact directly with local operators or accommodations. There are Zuvy experiences and accommodations for all budgets but they all aim to provide the traveler with more intense experiences than regular tourism.


Sonsoles, CEO of the project, studied Industrial Engineering at ICAI (Madrid, Spain) and holds an MBA from Haas, University of California, Berkeley. After six years of strategy consulting, it was at Berkeley where she found the inspiration to create Zuvy. She learned how sustainable and responsible tourism is a powerful tool for development.