UNESCO Heritage Sites In Cyprus

UNESCO reserves places on the world heritage list for historical sites of great importance. It is a testament to the rich history of Cyprus that the centre of Paphos, settlement of Chaikoirita and Troodos Mountain Churches are all included. The friendly team at Directline holidays have created the following guide to highlight the reasons for visiting these sites.




The coastal city of Paphos in south-west Cyprus is the ideal cheap holiday destination for couples. Known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, Paphos is the home of awe inspiring temples, sanctuaries and tombs. You are encouraged to take a look at the murals of Nea Paphos and explore the houses of Aion, Dionysus and Orpheus. And you can finish up the perfect day with a drink at one of the traditional music clubs, where talented local artists play. Often overlooked as a naturally beautiful location for your holiday, Paphos in 2013 should definitely be a consideration.




Historians and archaeologists have learnt much about ancient life in Cyprus by studying the remains of the village of Choirokotia. They have found neolithic tools which are now exhibited in the local museum of Lanarca. They have also made important discoveries regarding the neolithic economy and burial customs. You are encouraged to visit during a low deposit Mediterranean holiday and explore the buildings which have been historically restored. You might also be tempted to visit the Church of Agios Lazaros and Grand Mosque in Lanarca.


Churches In The Troodos Mountains


If you are at all interested in religious history then a guided tour of the Troodos churches is highly recommended. Although they are basically designed, the magnificent interiors reflect the devotion of the Cypriot faithful through the centuries. You are encouraged to take a look at the Lagoudera and Nikitari paintings. The architecture of the Church of Transfiguration is also worthy of note.