The Little Cup with Big Benefits

Extremely cute, the brightly-coloured translucent cups are proving a hit with parents and health experts who see their role inproviding oral health benefits, such as helping to fight tooth decay, one of the most prevalent childhood diseases in the UK; and fine motor skills benefits, such ashand eye coordination As one NHS expert says, “Babycup should be a normal part of the weaning process”.


No lid, no handles, and best of all no spout, Babycup is quite simply a ‘cup-shaped cup’, but with the added bonus of being miniature, making it perfectly baby-sized.  The cup’s simplicity is its key says mum of three Sara Keel and the brains behind Babycup.  The ingenious open drinking cup for tiny hands is ideal from six months to two years+. 


Effective and easy to use, carefully considered design features, such as the slim drinking-edge for little mouths and the tiny circumference for little hands, make Babycup the perfect size for little ones.  It is also BPA-free, toxin-free and phthalates-free, dishwasher and steriliser safe.   Each Babycup holds 50ml and comes with ml measurements on the side.


Giving Babycup the seal of approval:


·         Gill Rapley, co-author of Baby-led Weaning: Helping your child to love good food, saysAt last, a cup that allows babies to drink just like the rest of us do.  From six months babies can sit up, hold things to their mouth, bite, chew – and yes, sip from a cup. Many parents are discovering the benefits of letting their little ones join in family mealtimes and feed themselves but they’ve been stuck for an easy way to offer them drinks with their food.  A Babycup is the perfect answer, promoting learning, independence, co-ordination, social skills, jaw development and dental health – quite a package for something that small.” 

·         Lynette Anear, Oral Health Promoter NHS, says:  “This little cup is perfect for baby’s first tastes of water at weaning time. It’s just the right size for little hands and promotes drinking from a rim, which is so important for oral development.  Babycup should be for sale everywhere so that it becomes a normal part of the weaning process”.

·         Dr Derek Mahony, BDS (Syd), MscOrth (Lon), DOrth RCS (Edin) Orthodontist, Full Face Orthodontics Pty Ltd, Australia, says: “Babycup is a healthy choice for your child. Choosing an open cup means you are allowing your child to develop a healthy sipping habit.  Spouts and no spill valves that mean a child has to suck, rather than sip, contribute to poor facial and dental development”.


Babycup combines great looks with real health benefits for little ones.  This super cute little drinking cup is the perfect size for little hands and mouths so reduces spillages, and is ideal for learning how to drink from a cup.


Babycup comes in a set of four, choose your favourite colour – translucent blue, green, yellow or pink, or if you can’t decide the multi-coloured pack features all four colours.  Each four-pack retails at £7.99.  You’ll find Babycup in JoJo Maman Bébé and online at


Made in England, Babycup is the brainchild of Sara Keel.  Sara came up with the idea for the cups after her three daughters were born and she couldn’t find an open top cup suitable for weaning her six month old. Lidded beakers were too big for small hands to hold, so she decided to make her own and Babycup was born.  Working initially on motherly instinct Keel delved deeper into the subject and found an alarming body of “growing concern”, backing up her fear that spouts and no-spill valves were not just without any health benefits, they were potentially damaging for a baby or child’s developing teeth, jaws and palate. Babycup is already receiving accolades – it’s short-listed in the Junior Design Awards 2013 for Best Feeding product and the Nursery Industry’s BPA BANTA Awards.