Paradox – The Omega Oil with a Difference

Up to 20 times more powerful than other omega fish oils, Paradox uses a patented process that protects its essential omega fatty acids from oxidisation. The result? One of the freshest, most stable fish oils on the market.

It’s simple: The fresher the ingredient, the more effective it is and the same applies for fish oils.

Omega 3 molecules are naturally very unstable, which means they are prone to oxidisation, rancidity and an unpleasant fishy after-taste.

Paradox protects its omegas against oxidisation by blending them with polyphenols, nature’s most potent anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants work within the body to neutralise free radicals and this extra protection (up to 20 times more powerful than other omega fish oils) gives its omegas much more stability, making Paradox fresher and therefore more effective, both in the bottle and within the capsules.

There is no unpleasant after-taste and maximum purity is guaranteed: Paradox is free from any detectable contaminants, is pure and natural and contains absolutely no additives. Furthermore, none of the natural oil’s nutrients are lost thanks to a patent-protected extraction process.

Developed by osteopath Dr Geoff Hayhurst, Paradox draws on 50 years’ of research.
After some time noting his patients’ experiences with what he considered to be poor quality omega 3 fish oil supplements, his conclusions were that they yielded little benefit not least because they contained low grade or rancid omega oils. Recognising a need for superior stability in omega 3 supplementation he went on to create Paradox.

Scientifically proven to deliver guaranteed stability and freshness, Paradox has since become the No. 1 bestselling omega product in its native Ireland and is now available in the UK.

There are several supplements in the Paradox range, including favourites such as Paradox OmegaCapsules, Paradox OmegaLiquid and Paradox OmegaSchool.

For growing minds and fussy tastebuds, Paradox OmegaSchool is perfect. Flavoured with delicious natural lemon, each omega chew provides the equivalent in omega 3 as one portion of oily fish. A box of 30 x 990mg chews costs £6.99.

Available from Boots UK and independent health shops nationwide, as well as online from