10 Great Sites for Troubled Teens

  1. TeenCentral.net – Users can check out podcasts and SchoolTube videos, get advice on dealing with bullying and smoking, and find teen help-lines in their area.  Also included are pages for parents and media.
  2. TroubledTeen101 – You can get answers about issues ranging from drug abuse to teen pregnancy here, as well as all points in between. Use this site to find programs and centers where you can get help, discover what warning signs to look for, and how to spot risky behavior.
  3. Troubled Teens Info – This website houses free advice for parents of troubled teenagers. Learn the signs of a troubled teen and how to cope with drug abuse and discipline issues. There’s a section that features programs for teens, and also a link for Q&A.
  4. National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – Parents, youth and people in recovery can all find resources here to learn about and combat substance abuse and dependence. A bookstore is also available on the website.
  5. Restoring Troubled Teens – A 24-hour hotline is available on this website. The site offers therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness therapy camps and counseling and advice on teen issues, like suicide, gangs, substance abuse and smoking.
  6. Parenting Teens Online – This website is a great information resource for parents of teenagers. Dr. Ann Engelland, MD is available to answer your questions about health, money, school, drugs and other teen issues.
  7. Seventeen.com – Seventeen magazine publishes articles and resources for teenage girls. It covers topics such as health, beauty and fashion. Obesity and eating disorders are dealt with in articles or via Q&A.
  8. Teen Magazine – Sister publication of Seventeen, this magazine is geared toward a broader age group and is co-ed in content. More excellent articles on teen topics are found here, along with advice, Q&A, and a wide variety of common teen issues, as well as solutions for how to deal with them.
  9. Ask Dr. M – There are sections for kids, teens and parents on this website, and each has a question and answer of the week where a host of staffers and readers sound off.
  10. Dr. Phil – Search through the archives or submit a question of your own about teen issues of all stripes on Dr. Phil’s website. Dr. Phil or Robin take all requests and queries via this page. Relationships, weight issues, depression and more are addressed.

Whether you’re a teen looking for help or a parent trying to deal with a troubled child, these websites address all of the trials and tribulations teenagers face, and give helpful advice for how to deal with and avoid common problems.