Crisis in care has led to the massive increase in older people being rushed to already over-stretched hospital A&E departments

CQC Mental Health Act Report

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The number of people detained or treated under the Mental Health Act (MHA) has risen by 12 percent in the last five years, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) says in its fourth annual Mental Health Act Report, published today.


As the abundance of genetically modified (GM) foods continues to grow, so does the demand for monitoring and labeling them.


Lingonberries almost completely prevented weight gain in mice fed a high-fat diet, a study at Lund University in Sweden has found - whereas the ‘super berry’ açai led to increased weight gain. The Scandinavian berries also produced lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

The Armoured Body

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The stress response is the body’s natural activation in reaction to a life threatening situation. In nature exposed to such a threat our natural response would be to attack or run away, aka “fight or flight”.

Holland and Barrett Team Up With Leading British Social Scientist

Children's clothing and shoes by brands including Disney, Burberry and adidas have been shown to contain hazardous chemicals which could pose risks to adults and children when released into the environment, as revealed in a study released today by Greenpeace East Asia. {1}

Contrary to the popular belief, winter is not the time to do a hard core detox, says Wellbeing Escapes, UK’s leading wellness travel company.


The health of a woman and future mother is the most important aspect of modern medicine.

Detoxing? Dieting? Ditching Booze?





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