Gardasil 9 – Is This New Vaccine Licensed to Kill?

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A third vaccine for ‘guarding’ against HPV (Human Pappiloma Virus) has recently been added to the vaccine schedule which already has many people extremelyconcerned.

With the majority of the public often immediately trusting what the FDA says, there’s some very alarming information about this new vaccine that needs to be shared.

Is Gardasil 9 Safe?

Gardasil 9, of which the FDA announced it’s approval back in December of last year, claims to protect women (and now men) from 9 strains of HPV.  They are touting it as being ‘safe and effective,’ and this mean of course, that doctors are going to be heavily promoting this ‘new and improved’ Gardasil vaccine.

But before you rush out and have your teen vaccinated, there’s some pressing information you need to be aware of.

There are two main points that need highlighting.  The first is that Gardasil 9’s safety is already being questioned, and the second is that this new vaccine contains twice the dose of aluminum that is found in its predecessors.

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Why Was It Approved Before Safety Trials Were Completed?

As citizens, we expect that the FDA ensures that drugs are tested extensively before they are approved for use, don’t we? That’s their job. 

But is this always the case? In relation to Gardasil 9, it’s incredibly worrying to know that it was approved before it had been shown to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. In fact, to this day it has still not been assessed by them. This particular committee is responsible for the evaluation of data concerning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

Why was this bypassed?

As seen on the Health Impact News website, it seems clear that the FDA think they can make their own rules up and ignore standard procedure:

”We did not refer your application to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee because our review of information submitted in your BLA, including the clinical study design and trial results, did not raise concerns or controversial issues which would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion.”

We have rules in place for a reason and that is to make sure things are done correctly. And where else should this be more crucial than that of the health of our children? The fact that the FDA have been able to make this decision – and get away with it – is incredibly worrying.

Surely vaccination studies and safety should undergo the strictest adherence to procedures in relation to our drugs?

What Happened In The Gardasil 9 Trials?

World renowned Vaccine Investigative Journalist Christina England of Vac Truth discovered some disturbing findings when taking a further look into the vaccine insert of this new drug.

During my research, I came across the Gardasil 9 package insert, which, unsurprisingly, reported a wide range of adverse reactions, ranging from pain at the injection site to death.

Page six and seven of the insert stated:

“Serious Adverse Events in Clinical Studies”

Serious adverse events were collected throughout the entire study period (range one month to 48 months post-last dose) for the six integrated clinical studies for GARDASIL 9. Out of the 13,236 individuals who were administered GARDASIL 9 and had safety follow-up, 305 reported a serious adverse event; representing 2.3% of the population. As a comparison, of the 7,378 individuals who were administered GARDASIL and had safety follow-up, 185 reported a serious adverse event; representing 2.5% of the population. Five GARDASIL 9 recipients each reported at least one serious adverse event that was determined to be vaccine-related. The vaccine-related serious adverse reactions were pyrexia, allergy to vaccine, asthmatic crisis, headache, and tonsillitis.

Deaths in the Entire Study Population

Across the clinical studies, ten deaths occurred (five each in the GARDASIL 9 and GARDASIL groups); none were assessed as vaccine-related. Causes of death in the GARDASIL 9 group included one automobile accident, one suicide, one case of acute lymphocytic leukemia, one case of hypovolemic septic shock, and one unexplained sudden death 678 days following the last dose of GARDASIL 9. Causes of death in the GARDASIL control group included one automobile accident, one airplane crash, one cerebral hemorrhage, one gunshot wound, and one stomach adenocarcinoma.”

Whilst Merck, the manufacturers of Gardasil 9, said that these deaths were ‘not related to this vaccine,’ it’s important to note that companies rarely admit their vaccines have caused deaths. Should we automatically trust Merck considering that they have come under fire for claims that their MMR vaccine was labelled to be much more effective than it really was? You may recall the two former scientists, once on the payroll of Merck, who have filed a lawsuit against Merck about what they did to manipulate data to show results in their favour.

Double The Aluminum – Double the Harm? 

The other very concerning thing about the new Gardasil is that it contains a massive increase in aluminum. As you can see below (diagram courtesy of Health Impact News) the amount has now doubled.

Gardasil Ingredient Gardasil 9
225 mcg AAHS (aluminum adjuvant) 500 mcg
9.56 mcg Sodium Chloride 9.56 mcg
.78 mcg L-Histidine .78 mcg
50 mcg Polysorbate 80 50 mcg
35 mcg Sodium Borate 35 mcg
<7 mcg Yeast Protein <7 mcg
20 mcg HPV 6 L1 protein 30 mcg
40 mcg HPV 11 L1 protein 40 mcg
40 mcg HPV 16 L1 protein 60 mcg
20 mcg HPV 18 L1 protein 40 mcg
HPV 31 L1 protein 20 mcg
HPV 33 L1 protein 20 mcg
HPV 45 L1 protein 20 mcg
HPV 52 L1 protein 20 mcg
HPV 58 L1 protein 20 mcg

As evidence continually shows, aluminum is incredibly toxic to humans; it is what’s known as a ‘selective neurotoxin’ and will eat away at nerves. With some cases of Gullian Barre Syndrome (a serious condition affecting the peripheral nervous system) being reported after Gardasil use, it is only reasonable to question whether this ingredient is to blame.

Many are also already predicting a huge increase in incidents of deaths with this new vaccine. When you complete a course of the Gardasil 9 your body is introduced to an extra 1500mcg of aluminum, and if your body doesn’t detox efficiently, or you have other vaccinations such as the Flu Shot a whole host of problems could ensue.


Injuries And Deaths – Destined To Sky Rocket?

Norma Erickson from Sane Vax reported that there were no less than 34 deaths reported to VAERS  in December alone related to previous Gardasil injections, and as each month goes by the rates seem to be increasing.

Death reports after HPV vaccines have been filed at a rate of less than five per month since Gardasil and Cervarix were approved for use in the United States in 2006/07.

According to VAERS, in 2014 there were 214 deaths reported after use of Gardasil and Ceravax.

Professor Christopher Exley PhD, a world-renowned leading authority on aluminum, had this to say when I emailed him to ask whether this dramatic increase in the use of this adjuvant would cause even more harm.

Aluminium salts are effective adjuvants in vaccination and immunotherapy. However, we know that some individuals show adverse events to both of these treatments and that such reactions may be due to the aluminium adjuvant. While we do not yet know why aluminium adjuvants may cause adverse effects it would seem prudent to find this out before increasing our exposure to them. The increase in exposure via the new Gardasil formulations may prove significant in recruiting more bad responders and potentially a more aggressive response in some too.

Obviously we don’t know yet what is going to happen with this new vaccine, as they say, time will tell, but I am personally dreading to see what happens once Gardasil 9 hits the market.

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