Set yourself free from toxic burdens

I’ve been thinking about the triggers that can cause ill health or dis-ease. They can originate from physical disturbances, emotional imbalances, from outside influences, ancestral patterns or past life events. For most of us there’s a complex goody bag of stuff that’s brought us to where we are today and by doing what we can to release any burdens then life changes dramatically. Sometimes though we need to see clues of what the toxic burdens could be , in order to realise we’ve been exposed.

In my practice I treat (gorgeous) children with Autism Spectrum symptoms and often (but not always) the trigger of the imbalance, or at least the straw that broke the camels back in a long line of disturbances to the energy field, is a chemical toxicity either received in early childhood, during pregnancy or inherited as a result of toxicity prior to conception. These toxic loads introduced (sometimes to a susceptible or already toxic child), can tip the nervous system over the edge and cause all sorts of physical and social disturbances. In most cases when that toxic load is gently removed then improvement is experienced.

I often look at the list of potentially damaging toxins and get more than a little frustrated at the lack of education out there. So, my first step is to share the list of most common triggers, each of which I’ll discuss later in more detail. For the moment my hope is that by taking a look at the list we all address the toxic loads in our own lives, if children are being effected then we all must be effected by these toxins and it makes sense to decrease our exposure  (where possible) and do what we can to de-tox our systems where there has been exposure. It can only help us to thrive as individuals, and if we’re planning to have children, clearing the toxicity before conception will give your child a brilliant start (of course it’s important to address emotional issues too).

The good news is that with Homeopathy, diet and lifestyle changes, and where appropriate, supplementation, these toxins can be removed from our precious bodies on a physical and energetic level. I utilise the CEASE method of clearing toxicity using Homeopathic remedies alongside supplementary support. It’s a brilliantly effective system and allows very targeted treatment.

And where the toxins seem necessary to our well being (or even survival) there are usually alternatives that can be discussed. Phew!

So here’s the list…

~ Vaccinations – childhood and travel

~ Medications including Antibiotics, Calpol, Paracetamol, Sudafed etc

~ Chemotherapy & Radiation therapy

~ Anaesthetics

~ Amalgam fillings

~ Fertility treatment

~ Oral Contraceptives, Morning After Pill

~ Hydrocortisone creams

~ Recreational Drugs & Alcohol

~ Antacids

~ Aspartame (and other artificial sweetener) – in chewing gums, low sugar drinks, rehydration salts, some vitamins

~ Nasal Sprays & Sinus medication

~ Antihistamines

~ Anti-fungal medications

~ Sleeping Tablets

~ Plastics used in cooking (and children’s toys), milk bottles heated in microwaves

~ Deodorant containing aluminium &

~ Aluminium & Teflon coated pans used for cooking

~ Mobile phone & EMF exposure

~ MSG in foods

~ Genetically Modified Foods

~ exposure to fresh Paint & Varnishes

It’s a long list I know (and by no means complete) but hopefully is food for though and a good starting place! It’s worth at least getting help to clear the ones where there has been excessive exposure, or where the exposure was closely followed by a change in health.

A spiritiual P.S… chemical toxicity not only effects our physical and emotional health, it also blocks our connection to our higher selves and to spirit. With so much chemical toxicity in the world, it’s no wonder that a lot of people feel lost and disconnected. That alone is a very good reason (best ever in my book) to clear the fog of toxicity.