Holiday Health Hero – Digestion Calming Drops

This digestive remedy won’t cure the sort of throbbing or blinding headache caused by serious dehydration following a boozy celebration, but if you’re feeling the effects in your stomach rather than your head, then Digestion Calming Drops will come to your rescue.


The subtly citrus and spicy aroma comes from natural plant extracts or distillates (all suitable for vegans and vegetarians). There’s Lemon Balm, which is traditionally used for its calming properties, plus soothing lemon oil distillate made from the peel, nutmeg extract which is included for its carminative action, and cinnamon and clove which are both recognised digestive stimulants. There’s also extract of refreshing archangelica root and distillate of coriander seed which are both natural antispasmodics and great for trapped wind and tummy troubles.


Digestion Calming Drops are very easy to take, even when you’re feeling extremely fragile. Simply add 10-20 drops to a dash of hot or cold water, depending on how you feel. They are also suitable for children over 12 who have eaten too many treats!


An ideal size for the family medicine chest, the neat 25ml bottle (rrp £7.95) is easily popped into a spongebag with other weekend essentials for your New Year knees-up. A great remedy to pack in your travel bag for any nausea or minor stomach bugs you might pick up on your travels that could potentially spoil a holiday.


TIP: 5 drops in water taken before a journey can help with symptoms associated with travelling.


Always read the leaflet.


Available from natural health stores and independent pharmacies or from the online store at Call 0115 944 8222 for stockist information or mail order.