Dance Your Way to Better Health

There are plenty of stereotypes surrounding fitness DVDs, usually involving middle-aged women, aerobics and lots of Lycra. However, times have (thankfully) changed, and the ’80s home-workout trend remains nothing but a distant memory.

 In contrast, there are a wide variety of exercise shows now available, with modern fitness DVDs offering cost-effective, high-impact and effective workouts from the comfort and convenience of your living room. Here is a guide to five of the best dance-themed modern fitness DVDs. Because who doesn’t love a good dance-off!?


“Pussycat Dolls Workout”

 You can’t really get a better body than that of Nicole Scherzinger, and seeing her and her pussycat partners-in-crime bounce around in all their perfectness is great motivation to get your own butt into gear! The DVD is led by world-class choreographer and Pussycat Dolls creator, Robin Antin, and supported by the rest of the girls from the Pussycat Lounge Review — including a special guest appearance from Scherzinger. The workout consists of simple and fun dance moves to help you bop your way to better fitness and a more lean and toned physique.


“Tracy Anderson Method: Dance Cardio”

 Tracy Anderson is considered the leading Hollywood fitness guru by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, who all swear by her method. The best thing about Tracy? She is actually relatable as a person. She originally aspired to be a professional dancer, but when she moved from Illinois to New York to pursue her career, she quickly gained over 18 kilograms. Needless to say, her dancing career was over before it began, and she chose to focus on health and fitness instead. Tracy firmly believes in making fitness fun with her awesome range of dance cardio DVDs, which also provide really good stress relief!




 “New York City Ballet Workout”


A beautiful way to achieve long muscles and lean limbs while also learning something new, this gorgeous workout video is produced by dance legend Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet company. You don’t need previous ballet training, although it would help you to decode some of the ballet terminology that Martins uses throughout. In a 17-part regimen, you will be taken through a series of ab exercises, ballet warm-ups and “floor barre” exercises before tackling a series of ballet sequences. The coolest thing of all is the bonus footage shown at the end of the video that gives you an insider’s look at life as a professional ballet dancer. It’s quite a welcome change from aerobics!




“Denise Austin: Fat Burning Dance Mix”


If you haven’t heard the name before, Denise Austin is an American fitness instructor and media personality. She is renowned for her down-to-earth and realistic approach to diet and exercise, as she only works out for 30 minutes per day. This video is one of a handful of dance-based videos in Denise’s collection and makes for a high-energy, high-impact cardio workout. The great thing about Denise as an instructor is that her energy is contagious, and it’s hard not to adopt her enthusiasm for health and fitness. You can choose between four different 10-minute workouts, which include: 1) Jazz & Pop 2) Latin Groove 3) Club Funk and 4) Ballet Sculpt. Mix and match according to your own style, preference and time capacity.




“Dance With Julianne — Just Dance”


You might recognise Julianne Hough from America’s version of “Dancing with the Stars”, which she has won twice, or from her lead role in the recent remake of “Footloose”. She’s a dancer, actress, choreographer and singer, and also happens to be a really great fitness instructor. This video will lead you through three different dance routines aimed at working and toning your entire body. It’s fast-paced, high-energy, but still doable for those who have never danced before. The best bit of the vid is the bonus footage, in which Julianne breaks down key dance steps and also gives tips and insights around dance techniques. Julianne’s style as an instructor is encouraging, enthusiastic, and most importantly, focused on making exercise fun!




About the Author: Daniella Stapleton is a personal trainer based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. She recommends workout videos to her clients during the colder winter months.