Award Winning Bee Prepared Immune Support

The ingredients in Bee Prepared, including Bee propolis, have been shown to be effective for not only boosting immunity but also contain natural antibiotic & antiviral properties. Countless nutritionists and doctors recommend BEE Prepared Immune Support. 


Produced by UK ethical supplements brand UnBEElievable Health, Bee Prepared contains a unique blend of  ingredients from the hive, field & forest which are unique in that they are not often found in a regular diet or multivitamin. These powerful combinations of anti-oxidants & bioflavonoid rich nutrients including bee propolis, astaxanthin, elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans & more.

* BEE Prepared Daily Defence immune support contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients. Take one daily to help maintain a healthy immune system.          RRP: £9.99      Suitable for all ages 8+


* BEE Prepared MAX Strength is a more concentrated version which also includes Astaxanthin & Reishi mushrooms for when your system needs an extra boost.    RRP: £11.99    Suitable for all ages 12+

Ethical & Award-Winning BEE Prepared immune support:

– Research based formulas formulated by nutritionists – Nothing artificial & no GMs 
– Vegetarian Society approved 
– Highly concentrated so fewer tablets required 
– Multiple award winning 
– Suitable for children 
– Made in the UK from high quality EU food sourced ingredients

GREAT FOR:                                                                             

– Colds, flu & hay fever Before & during travel
– Sports, training & fitess Exams      
– When feeling run down
– Daily maintenance of immune system                                       

– Bee Propolis 
– Black Elderberry 
– Olive Leaf 
– Beta Glucans 
– Astaxanthin (MAX Strength only) 
– Reishi Mushrooms (MAX Strength only)


Available in 600+ independent health stores & organic groceries including Holland & Barrett