Does a food craving have anything to do with Allergies?

It is been known in many culture and alternative medicines that the food causes you allergy attracts you the most. Many studies have shown results which reflect the eating habits as main source of allergies. It has been found that allergies in children may cause due to eating patterns of their parents. When we like some food, we tend to eat that particular food in large amount and many-time. Chocolate. Snacks, fried food, beverages and many other things are favorite among many people. Some people can take six cup of coffee per day and some cannot survive without sweet for one day. Such habits lead to long term effect on human body which causes allergies. 

Eating a certain type of food for long time means allowing a specific kind of protein and vitamin in the body. Thus when you eat favorite food for long time, you are getting that protein to dominate your body. Such habits may lead to create allergies to certain foods. Food allergies also known as “eat today, pay later” concept. It is also important how much amount of favorite food you’re consuming. A cup of coffee or a chocolate bar might not cause you problem but routine intake may lead to allergies. 

When we stop eating food that attracts us or go on diet then our body goes through withdrawal symptoms. Hence, body start to trigger various symptoms in the form of allergies. Food carving habits related to allergies is a paradox itself. This is visible in many children who get crazy for sugar and become hyperactive after eating sweets. When blood sugar falls, mood swings occurs and when body was provided with sugar, it gets active.

Another reason for rise in food craving allergies is that people are eating more processed food instead of fresh homemade food. Processed food contains many preservative and taste booster which makes us crazy for them. Same preservatives and additives cause allergic problems with us because body rebels against foreign elements and creates symptoms.

Stress is very common reason for allergies. It may sound surprising but stress is directly related to allergies. Stress often leads to mind and body reacts in certain way to distress body. People eat their favorite food to remove stress like chocolate, coffee, drink, pizza and many other things. Hence, stress is also linked with food carving which again lead to allergies. This is a vicious trap to which millions of people fall. It is advised that one should not withdraw their food carvings suddenly. It is good to eliminate food that causes you allergies step by step. 

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