How To Boost Your Immune System Naturally – Part 2

Stress is of course a major cause of lowered immunity. Stress results in our body’s energy dropping immediately, our cells loose their ability to communicate well, chaos results and the body doesn’t then know what to do with unhealthy invaders such as germs, toxic food, bacteria. Stress places a major strain on the body and it can become a vicious cycle… stress leads to illness, to poor sleep, which leads to stress, leads to… you get the drift.

So addressing stresses in our lives will not only make a huge difference to our happiness but also to overall health, and immunity. If you’re feeling stressed out, write a list of all of the things in life which don’t serve you, which jar, which lead to stress and unhappiness… and then be open and creative, come up with some possible solutions. Some of them will be things that you can delegate, or outsource, some will be things that you actually don’t need to do at all but are doing from habit or a sense of duty. These things are easy to implement.

And then there are the things that are tricky, the things that you know you should change but boy they feel tricky… the relationship that we need to let go of, the work that needs to change, the friendship that doesn’t serve us. Just identifying these things can be enough, then the shift occur. But sometimes we’re in these situations because of some very old hurts, belief systems and conditioning and a helping hand might be needed (I love helping with that stuff!).

Are you really here??? Strange question I know. You’re reading this so you must be, right? So many people these days (I sound like a grannie) aren’t fully grounded or in their bodies, no surprise with all of the shocks, violence, trauma and lack of love that some people unfortunately endure in life. Then there’s the medication… don’t get me started on that one! With all of that a lot of souls haven’t come in, but not completely, or they were in and a shock or trauma sent them off again. And if we’re not completely here, we can’t possibly have a healthy immune system, our bodies can’t possibly be well, because we’re not whole. We can’t process food or anything else that enters the body , simply because our soul isn’t fully here to decide what to do with it all. So then the food allergies, hay fever, constant coughs and colds occur.

So, the cunning plan is to heal or clear those things that have prevented (and are still preventing) us from being here fully, and to bring in those things which anchor the soul in a lovely welcoming way. And guess what, I love, love, love helping people with that one too!

There’s so much more to be said about immunity, more to follow no doubt!