Vitamin C Files Number 2 – Chronic Hayfever

I had resorted to locking myself inside the house; windows and doors shut after a horrid and long winter (so not fun!) because my hayfever meant I would barely be able to see through the sneezing.


I had terrible congestion in my sinuses which ached from being blocked up and full of pollen.


I once sneezed, I kid you not, 17 times in a row in one sneezing fit.


My eyes watered, all day, every day, never stopping always watering. 


I started to feel depressed because I felt so sick, blocked up, runny, congested – everything. You name it, I felt it. 


In short I felt like total CRAP!


I was just about to go for a Hayfever / Allergy needle at the doctors office when I stumbled over this website:


I devoured everything this guy said about how to treat allergies using, yup, you guessed it – Vitamin C. I then read up on the Vitamin C and the book written a LOOOOONG time ago by Dr Stone. 




DOCTORS prove vitamin therapy WORKS!

The doctors featured on these websites (yes, they are DOCTORS as in University Graduates and licensed medical practitioners so anyone reading this thinking “It’s a crock – some loose hippie came up with it whilst they were communal showering…” can stand TOTALLY corrected!) studied the effects of what is known as “Vitamin Therapy” or now known as Orthomolecular Medicine. They had healed COUNTLESS diseases using vitamin therapy or megadoses of vitamins allowing the 

body to self heal.


Chief among the diseases and conditions healed with Vitamin Therapy was, you guessed it – Allergies. 


Here’s how I did it: 


I conducted self-administered, at home “Vitamin C Saturation”. As Vitamin C is one of the LEAST toxic substances known to man and mankind are one of a small group of “animals” that do not create their own vitamin C within their bodies, we HAVE to take it and take a lot MORE of it when we are sick or under pressure or stress.


I took 1 teaspoon of Vitamin C powder (I used the Buffered Vitamin C powder from Orthoplex however this contains minerals like zinc and calcium which can be harmful in megadoses so beware of how much you take!) every hour on the hour until I became “loose” in the bowels (i.e. loose stools). 


I stopped for that day, at the point of loose stools and proceeded in the same way the next day with 1teaspoon every 2 HOURS until I got loose stools.


I then proceeded the following day (day 3) in the same way – 1 teaspoon every 2 hours. 


By day 4 my hayfever was TOTALLY gone AND has never returned! It is now March so I made it through a Blue Mountains Spring AND Summer without any hayfever symptoms; no runny or blocked nose, no sneezing fits, no watery eyes. 


I have had on one or two occasions itchy eyes which is my body’s first sign of allergic reaction. I then take 1 – 2 teaspoons of Vitamin C powder that day (so one in the morning and one at night) and voila! GONE!




Excited about Vitamin C & what it can do!

Let it be known then that I CURED, not treated temporarily but CURED hayfever with Vitamin C powder ONLY!


If you suffer from any kind of allergy – hayfever, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis – try it! What have you got to lose? It won’t harm you, it will support your adrenal system and immune system enabling the body to do what its designed to do and what it does best – HEAL ITSELF. 



P.S. I now use Melrose Vitamin C powder sachets. Affordable, quick and not as sour as pure ascorbic acid! 


P.P.S If you want to be able to take more of the Vitamin C BEFORE you get loose in the bowels take it with protein like a boiled egg, tin of tuna or add it to a protein shake. 


Love and Vitamin C,

The Eco Mum xo

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