Why do people really get sick? – Interview – Dr Mercola & David Wolfe

I wanted to introduce you to Dr Mercola who is one of the worlds leading authorities on Natural Health combined with the typical medical subjects.

I came across his fantastic website, which is full of the best articles and studies, (all which are FREE to access by the way) about 2 years ago and ever since then, I regularly read his newsletters. Whenever I need to know about a certain subject, I go straight to his website. There are literally tens of thousands of articles and videos. Its a website you can literally spend hours on and come away with up to date, factual information.


Here is his background: www.mercola.com/forms/background.htm


He is a doctor who is driven by telling the world the truth about subjects such as, vaccinations, big pharma’s control of our health and also the toxic and abusive food industry.

He is a real threat to the Pharmaceutical industry because he promotes supplements, vaccination dangers and healthy eating over using many of the usual drugs that countless doctors prescribe.

He also has a large amount of studies that most us don’t see, the truth about Statin drugs, ADHD medications, and many others, highlighting their dangerous side effects.

His website has over a million hits a month and he is sometimes the first to report on groundbreaking subjects. Read more