Yoga “an amazing door to well being and inspiration” – Frank Arrigazzi

There are amazing stories from all over the world that inspire us to practice yoga; people who get rid of chronic diseases or greatly improve their conditions, elderly who look fresh and young in their 80’s and 90’s, and others who completely change their view and attitude towards life.

The beautiful thing about yoga is that contrary to popular belief, to practice yoga you don’t have to be “flexible” or “spiritual” or follow a specific diet, yoga works at everybody’s level from the inside out. It has the ability to help to coordinate and tune people’s bodies and minds. If you have a weak muscle it can help you make it stronger, if you suffer from swing moods it can balance it, if a curved back it can help you to align it.

My yoga experience

When I started practicing yoga I was only 8 years old and I really enjoyed it; moving my body in different ways, playing with my flexibility, and allowing my imagination to grow. As a child I really appreciated being introduced to yoga but I did not imagine how special this practice would become in my life.

With time, yoga become a real part of me. Years later, and, after having left my “family home” I became quite undisciplined and let some very unhealthy habits start to take place, and without even noticing, my drive and passion for living an inspiring and healthy life was gone!

Soon after adopting such a lifestyle I started experiencing “panic attacks” or what is also called “agoraphobia”. There are few definitions of this phobia but my experience was a Catch 22 situation, where the feeling of the panic attack – where my body would either paralyze or shake, and hot rushes will come from the extremities up to my head – would lead to a fear of when is the next “panic attack going to come” and vice versa. These outbreaks could happen alone or in public spaces, and will follow with a deep fear of death.

After a year on and off with this fears and panic attacks I decided that I wanted to change my life, I wanted to be able to walk into a public space without any of these symptoms. I wanted to feel normal and I decided to start back with my yoga lifestyle. I created a routine and practiced it every single day, I would practice it with due diligence until I became passionate again about my health and lifestyle.

As soon as I started practicing yoga these panic attacks decreased, and a few months later they were completely gone. That experience change completely my view of life, and I understood the amazing difference between living “connected” with my body and being fully responsible of my life and living “disconnected” from my body, escaping from life and living controlled by fear.

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