Upgrade your boyfriend – How to turn your boyfriend into the man of your dreams in seven simple steps

By Magdalena Evanova

This book is a practical manual on how to improve your relationship by helping your man learn how to be a good partner without making him feel overly trapped. If it is true that you can’t change your man’s personality, it is also just as true that you can help him to change his behavior and attitude. If your man is very selfish when it comes to all life priorities or if his priorities are always more important than yours, then this is the time to start the training. To re-educate your man you need to present him with clear and direct options and steer him in the right direction with a gentle but strong touch. You will soon find out that he won’t offer any resistance to any demand that he fully comprehends, if made in a way consistent with the laws of his nature.

About the author

Magdalena Evanova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of fourteen her family decided to relocate to London, UK. After completing her studies in the field of complementary medicine and life coaching, she decided to move to India where she spent three years traveling and training in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy and meditation. Moved by the women‘s poor social conditions in many Indian rural areas, she started teaching and working on a voluntary basis in different villages. After spending three years travelling she decided to move back to London where she now lives and works.

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