Introducing Coco Jack – The Original Young Thai Coconut Opener

Young Thai Coconuts are delicious and incredibly healthy.  They contain plenty of good fats as well as electrolytes, making them more hydrating (and tastier!) than plain water, or even sports drinks.  Before the Coco Jack, the only way to open these super foods was to use a cleaver or a machete.  It was messy, inconsistent, and extremely dangerous.  For many coconut lovers, it was just not worth the struggle, and they gave up on fresh coconuts altogether.


But with Coco Jack, opening coconuts is a cinch.  It is safe, easy, and most importantly, fun!  The openings are attractive and consistent every time, and Coco Jack even creates a handy lid so you can close your coconut after opening to enjoy later.  


Coco Jack is internationally Patent Pending, and all of its products – including eco-friendly glass straws and a handy burlap storage sack – are made in the USA.  Coco Jack is made from high quality food-safe stainless steel and 100% food safe plastic for the beater.   


Last weekend, Coco Jack became available for pre-sales through, with their first 100 units are being sold at a deep discount.  You can visit their campaign and pre-order your own at


Coco Jack is also on Facebook at


Here, you can watch Coco Jack’s testimonial video, showing real people opening coconuts with the Coco Jack and telling you just how easy it is to use.  


Coco Jack comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it out.  Coco Jack has been tested up to 5000 whacks (about 1000 coconuts), and they show no sign of giving out.



Pre-Order your Coco Jack today from, and Get Cracking!