Cocofina Gets Royal Seal Of Approval And Hydrates Army Of New Female Boxers

After the success of Nicola Adams in the Olympics and now Pippa’s editorial in a national newspaper about the merits of boxing to keep fit, it is fair to say that boxing-mania has hit the UK, and women are taking up the hobby in their thousands. 

Pippa spoke of her intense boxing workouts that help to keep her in great shape, and is a regular on the marathon and skiing scene, making her a veritable guru for all things fitness and nutrition. She recommended Cocofina for people who lose fluids and electrolytes while they work out, noting that the isotonic coconut juice drink helps to replenish lost fluids and quench thirst after a heavy boxing session.

Jacob Thundil, founder of Cocofina, says, “We are delighted that Pippa Middleton has enjoyed our drinks after her more intense workouts; our drink was tailor-made for such activity, where fluids and electrolytes need to be replenished. Many sportsmen and women are turning to Cocofina as a natural way to fuel themselves after workouts, and those who take up high-energy sports or activities to keep fit are discovering that our delicious, healthy drink can help to up their performance levels and keep them in prime condition whilst they exercise.”

Boxing is a high-intensity sport that causes the participant to sweat; those who box as a way to keep fit will often need to drink plenty of isotonic drinks in order to ensure they are getting the nutrients and the liquid that they need to perform. There are a great number of health benefits that come with boxing training. It assists with weight loss and improves all-round agility. Strength is improved in the upper body as well as in the core, and balance can also be improved as the participants learn how to distribute their weight evenly across their two foot in the proper stance. Muscle tone will improve over time, as will coordination and stamina, making this one sport that men and women across the country cannot afford to be missing out on. 

More refreshing and energising than spring waters or flavoured drinks on the market, Cocofina is the perfect accompaniment to an intense boxing workout. The natural coconut drink is made from zero additives for an authentic coconut taste. The beverage is also bursting with electrolytes; a bottle of Cocofina contains more potassium than the average banana, and significantly less sodium, whilst also boasting 200% less of the harmful sugars that can often be found in so-called ‘energy drinks’. Keeping fit the healthy way is now easier than ever with a sip of Cocofina and a weekly boxing workout, as recommended by Pippa herself.