Gelatine Recipes for Healing

Anytime Custard


A nourishing, feel good snack perfect with fresh seasonal fruit, baked apples, poached pears etc. For breakfast, snack, post training or supper.


Serves 1


200ml organic full fat coconut milk (Biona)

2 organic egg yolks

2 tbsp Great Lakes Hydro Gelatine

1 tbsp organic raw coconut sugar (optional)

1 tsbp organic gluten free corn flour (Dove’s Farm)

½ tsp organic vanilla extract

1.     Heat the milk.

2.     Whisk all other ingredients together.

3.     Add the hot milk to the paste a little at a time, whisking continually to avoid lumps.

4.     Return to the pan and whisk until thick.


NOTE: if you want thicker custard add a little more corn flour.


Balancing  Juice


A super simple drink that can be used to stabilise blood sugar in between meals whilst healing the gut and reducing inflammation. Also ideal as a pre bed drink to encourage restful sleep.

Serves 1


1 large organic orange

1 pinch of sea salt (Celtic is preferred)

2-3 tsp Great lakes Gelatin Hydro

1.     Juice the orange using a citrus press

2.     Add the salt and spoon the gelatine onto the top of the juice in a thin layer. Whisk thoroughly with the spoon to combine


NOTE: with your Practitioners consent you can add your favourite Multi B Vitamin powder to nourish the Adrenal glands and promote restful sleep.


Jelly for Grown Up’s


A great blood sugar stabilizing snack between meals,  pre bed or post training. Also ideal as alternative sweets for the kids, use novelty ice cube trays for fun shapes.


Serves 4


1 tbsp Great Lakes Gelatine Non Hydro

1 pint filtered or bottled water


Whole fruit cordial (use 1tbsp)

Brewed herbal tea such as Tulsi, Ginger or Peppermint (use 2 bags per pint)

Fresh juice (this can be a half/half solution with the water, so 250ml water 250ml juice)

Whole organic fresh berries or chunks of organic seasonal fruit

1.     If you are using herbal tea bags, brew the tea in the water for 20minutes. Otherwise juice your fruits/veggies and mix with the half the amount of water given above. Or simply add the cordial to the water and stir.

2.     Pop a splash of the water into a bowl and add the gelatine, mix into a thick paste.

3.     Now pour the rest of your jelly liquid onto the paste whisking/stirring until dissolved. Decant into ramekin dishes, ice cube trays or a bowl and refrigerate until set.


NOTE: if you want your jelly firmer simply add a tsp or so more gelatine


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