My Primal Family – a return to natural living for the Modern day warrior

Is it wrong that the older I get the further I feel myself moving away from the trappings of a Modern way of life. Don’t get me wrong I love being able to connect with friend across the globe through the wonders of social media, I enjoy relaxing out in front of an epic block buster movie and the kindle my lovely hubby brought me is super cool. BUT I am never more at peace, happy and feeling healthy than when I am keeping it simple!

My job and indeed life choice is that of a  Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach and Paleo enthusiast  I teach the principles of optimal Breathing, Thinking, Eating, Hydrating, Moving, Sleeping. What does that mean for those of you who don’t want to live in a cave and cook on an open fire? Well applying simple changes to take you and your family back to a more natural way of living can and will reap radical health shifts.

My Holistic Health experience started back in 2008 and like most newly qualified Health Practitioners everyone around me got to know about it…whether they liked it or not! Those I loved most were bombarded with my new found info as I boisterously attempted to shift their perspective.

I had been diligently working on transforming my health and supporting my hubby Adrian’s as we turned digestive disaster (Chronic IBS in my body and Crohns Disease in Adrian’s) into digestive mastery.

It required time, perseverance and a lot of patience. It took us 6 months just to shift from our 12pm bedtime to 10:30. I remember feeling so stressed about it. How could I possibly get everything done in the evening? And trying to get our heads around eating an actual meal for breakfast felt impossible, but when the PAIN is bad enough the motivation to change becomes invincible!

Our friends thought we were crazy when we up and sold our 3 bed town house and moved to a  rented cottage in the country with no TV, internet or phone line. It was pretty drastic, but drastic was what we needed.

3 Modern World Health Balancing Action Steps:

1.     Start shopping at Farmer’s markets and buying fresh produce, you want to feel it, smell it and connect with it!

2.     Have a TV amnesty night each week

3.     Integrate some breath based, working in exercises (zone, tai chi, yoga) each day


Back in those early days I was told; never work with family or friends, however as major health challenges came up in those very people I couldn’t stand by and watch. My Mum, Dad, Sister and Father in Law began noticing our health shifts and wanted a slice of the grain free pie!

The first to come on board was my Sister. From the age of 16 she had suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Gluten Intolerance. Then my 80 year old Father in Law started to have unexplained gut bleeding which the hospital couldn’t explain. Next was my Mum, after hiding a Parkinson’s diagnosis for 3 years she broke down and asked for help! Last to board the health train was my Dad, with a diagnosis of chronic arthritis in his hands.

It’s incredibly hard to express the kind of pain you feel when you see the people you love most suffering.  Yet the principles we learn as part of the CHEK tribe are the tools you can share to transform their health.

My Paleo / Primal approach to Modern Living:

ü  Primal nutrition – no gluten, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds, legumes or processed sugar. Cooking organic, seasonal produce from scratch. Eating at the table for every meal and making a social occasion out of each eating experience. Eating in a calm, relaxed state, no TV, hyper music or arguments at the table. Eating when hungry and most importantly chewing the food!

ü  Primal lifestyle – no TV after 10mp or computers after 9pm. Natural, organic body and household products, low level lighting in the evening, no electrical devices close to the bed

ü  Primal movement – parasympathetic exercises. Working with the breath and positive affirmations; using Zone programs and yoga to activate repair and rebuilding mechanisms. Regular trips into nature. Meditation or simply quiet time for reflection

ü  Primal sleep and wake cycles – asleep by 10:30pm awake at 06:30am

The Maidment Stokes clan all follow these principles. Some days are easier than others, there are pitfalls and occasional tantrums, but we all agree that our health is dramatically improved when we actively apply these principle to our lives. For Christmas my family all got a copy of my Anti Inflammatory Cook Book, Meals That Heal along with a place on my Meals That Heal Cookery Workshop, there is no escape for them 😉


Karen Maidment is a CHEK HLC2 Coach, Functional Medicine & Nutritional Advisor, Cookery Book Author and Nutrition Chef

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