Rose Scented Heart Gummies


These uber simple sweets are packed full of natural flavours, a little all natural sugar and the highest quality protein. Fit for a queen or even your little prince or princess the whole family can enjoy these bite sized delights. I love to use gelatin in my recipes as it promotes cell, tissue and bone growth, heals and soothes the digestive system and calms the nervous system, simply a powerhouse of goodness!




2 organic Rose tea bags (I love Yogi teas for this)

1 pint filtered or bottled water

1 tbsp gelatin powder (I love Great lakes Gelatin Non Hydro)

1 tbsp organic raw honey


1. Heat all but 1 tbsp of your water on the hob until simmering, and then add the tea bags. Turn the heat off, add the honey, stirring to dissolve and leave to infuse for around 10 minutes. 

2. Pop the remaining tablespoon of water in a small bowl and stir the gelatin in to make a thick paste.

3. Now remove the tea bags from the pan of water and gradually mix this in with the gelatin paste, stirring regularly to avoid lumps.


4. Finally decant this mixture carefully into a heart shaped ice cube or chocolate mould tray (you can use regular ice cube trays if you like) and pop into the fridge to set.