Time to get down with tempering and a basic dark chocolate recipe

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Here’s a reminder of what you need in order to get started straight away; 


Sharp, inexpensive chef knife – you’ll use this to shave the cacao butter, so don’t spend much on it ( this’ll do the job )

Mixing bowl


Flexible spatula

Kitchen thermometer (this I the one I use)

Electronic kitchen scales with gram function ( these are the ones I use)

High speed blender or spice mill (such as this)

Cacao butter – I use Peruvian or Ecuadorian

Cacao powder – I use Peruvian or Ecuadorian

Dry sweetener of your choice ; coconut sugar, xylitol, raw cane sugar, etc…



And now to begin. Create a clean, dry space in your kitchen to work from and set aside at least 1 hour to make your first batch of chocolate. Before you begin, ready the recipe below all the way through, make sure your chocolate moulds are clean and dry. If you are using hard moulds, like polycarbonate, plastic or stainless steel, then polish them with a micro fiber cloth or cotton wool. If you’re using silicon, that step is not necessary.


Basic Dark Recipe:


250g cacao butter, shaved with a knife

125g cacao powder

100g dry sweetener, such as xylitol, coconut sugar or raw cane sugar – powdered in your vita mix or a spice mill/coffee grinder


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Have a fun, relax, smile and enjoy,




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