Frank Arrigazzi – Health in the Office – It’s easier than you think!

Working in an office can be more than just hard work, it can be bad for your health!

Here are some tips by Frank Arrigazzi to stay healthy whilst at work!

If you work in an office make sure that you have a glass of water on your desk “only” for the radiation that the computer, and all the devices that produce waves, generate. Otherwise your body fully absorbs these emissions, which creates tiredness and health imbalances. Also, have a plant; try to find a strong one. It can also help to deal with the radiation and mitigate the amount of waves that get to you.

Drink a lot of water. Try to have a bottle close to you. If it is winter, try to drink some “hot” herbal infusions to avoid ending up feeling very cold by only drinking cold water.

Try not to breathe nicotine! The purpose of this “office lifestyle” that I’m proposing to you is to try to regain balance and harmony in your body and in your daily life. Nicotine will only produce symptomatic imbalance, although you think you are releasing some stress smoking you are doing exactly the opposite. Smoking raises your heart rate and temporarily stimulates your brain and nervous system adversely. Read more