Great News About Chocolate – Cheryl Brown

How magical would you think life was if I told you that you could eat chocolate – guilt-free?

Look at this video from BeWellBuzz.

This guy is a nutritionist. And he’s encouraging you to eat chocolate! In fact, if you’ve just listened to the whole presentation, I bet you’re feeling by now that you absolutely must eat chocolate because you have to have those benefits.

Sadly, chocolate has had a bad press lately because of the nasties that popular chocolate manufacturers add to their recipes. I had a look at some chocolate labels. Bearing in mind that my mini-survey concerned only solid bars and not the filled varieties, this is what I found: In a bar of milk chocolate from one of the UK’s most popular brands, sugar is the second ingredient listed. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the dark option is healthier, though – that has sugar as the first ingredient! Even at the luxury end of the market, sugar is the second ingredient in the 70% cocoa bar. Hmm. I wouldn’t be taken in by the ‘finest organic ingredients’ if I were you. Organic it might well be, but if you listened to the video you’ll know that sugar is just bad news. And we’ve not even touched on the emulsifiers , whey powder, soya, flavourings (what are they?) and other additives that most commercially-produced chocolate contains.

But the chocolate itself – the raw cacao – well, you heard the man, it’s positively medicinal. It does contain a powerful stimulant so I would suggest you still regard it as a treat and not as the basis of your meals. That said, in celebration of the wonderful news that chocolate is good for you, I devised this brand-new recipe for lunch today. No, I don’t normally have chocolate for lunch, but what the heck:

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