Raw Choc Selection Box Made By Raw Expert Anna Middleton

Anna Middleton has been making some waves in the last few years, she even made a cake for Simon Cowell, yep, that Simon! Good to see celebs get into healthy food isn’t it, and its no secret that Simon often touts the wonders of green smoothies he says he has daily. If only he could do something about that hair do he tries to (dare I say it – unsuccessfully) rock! 🙂

I’ve tried a few treats made by Anna in the past and oh my god each time its a pure pleasure party going on in my mouth where I feel like time stops and I just want to savour each bite.  Sadly, I rarely take a bit here and save the rest for later, I’ve been known to eat a fairly large slice (um all!) of Anna’s cake in one hit. I mean, when something tastes that good, and is healthy, then why should you stop?


Love Cake


I got to have a little Love Heart Cake to try just before Valentines day. Hubby didn’t get me anything but Anna’s cake made up for that. And nope, I didn’t share it with him! This cake was pure heaven.  Anna doesn’t just use your average healthy ingredients either she uses ingredients that really are super foods:

The Love Heart cake is packed with muir a puamaphoto (known for it’s ability to give people an energy boost and also enhances libido (perfect for a date or special occasion!), suma root (supports energy, fertility, enhances skin condition) he shou wu (helps tonify blood and is said to help reverse grey hair!) & mucuna (which is an adaptogen changes according to what your body needs, its said to be an aphrodisiac for feel good vibes.) All of these special ingredients have a list of benefits that are too many to mention here but feel free to click on the links.

main ingredients of Love Heart Cake are: Strawberry, baobab, lucuma, vanilla & a kick of cayenne for absolute lusciousness

Anna doesn’t just make raw food for celebs but she can often be found cooking (or should I say uncooking!) up a storm at many retreats in the UK. Kate Magic absolutely loves Anna’s food and often has her involved in what she gets up to! That speaks volumes doesn’t it!


You will find these beauties in one of Anna’s Raw Selection Choc Box!


Rawsome Selection Boxes

Today I wanted to bring your attention to Anna’s gorgeous chocolate boxes. The chocolates you will find in these oh so pretty boxes are: strawberry & baobab soft centres, salted caramel with yacon syrup, cashew vanilla truffles, schizandra & incan berry sours.  Wow! how good do all of those sound??

All made without gluten, dairy, refined sugar and any nasties whatsoever, these chocolates are actually good for you!

Hand-made raw chocolates & truffles packed full of superfoods and medicinal herbs. Each time you order a box you will be treated to a different selection as our recipes continue to evolve.

The selection box is always vegan (no bee pollen or raw honey).

Please note that some chocolates may contain nuts and all our chocolates are made in a kitchen where there are traces of nuts and seeds.

Box of 12 is £13.50  Get them here!

Anna’s Amazing Cakes

For something really spectacular check out Anna’s array of drool worthy raw cakes! I have my eye on her black velvet cake:


Black Velvet Cake


Wow, read this:

‘dreamy chocolate & blackcurrent torte with its crunchy chocolate base and creamy blend of sesame, hemp, lucuma and avocado. Sharp blackcurrents cut through the chocolate and we’ve supercharged it with purple corn extract, algarroba and baobab. It’s a low GI cake sweetened with lucuma powder, raw coconut nectar and vanilla stevia.’

oh my!

You can get 14-16 slices out of this cake so perfect for a celebration with lots of friends and family.

please allow two weeks notice for Anna to have this made for you. Raw cakes are nowhere near as simple to make as oven baked cakes.

Superstar Cake


Superstar Cake photo by Louise Wender


How unbelievably pretty does this Superstar cake above look! Made with superfoods including bee pollen and gojis which give a floral taste. A mix of textures and layers including a crunchy base, chewy chocolate brownie, sweet & fruity and a creamy chocolate strawberry layer all topped with lashings of raw chocolate. Incredibly rich and filling.


Coconut Mint Creams


oh my. I’ve just had my dinner as I am writing this and what I wouldn’t do to have some of these coconut mint creams. I have always had a thing for mint chocolate. I can’t find these on Anna’s website but I am sure if you wanted some and emailed her she would make a batch for you (and me!)

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