Good Nutrition and Relaxation Curbs Stress and Pain

Stress Control provides a contemporary snapshot of today’s society and focusses on the modern stresses we encounter living in such a fast-paced world.


Good nutrition cannot be underestimated in boosting someone’s general well-being. Many conditions associated with stress such as IBS can be improved with closer attention to diet. We all recognise that putting the wrong performance fuel in our cars will stop them working properly but we often don’t pay our bodies the same respect when it comes to the food we eat.

If we think about driving our car too fast for too long we’d also recognise the car would be likely to over-heat and have to stop. We know how to prevent that problem. We also need to stop from time to time to relax and re-group in order to remain healthy. Susan Balfour suggests ways in which we can be improve our eating habits and also teaches us relaxation techniques to enable us to release tension at regular intervals. Susan has also successfully worked with distinguished medics teaching their RSI patients how to use relaxation techniques to aid their pain management.

Susan Balfour proposes alternative ways of approaching the modern challenges we face by examining solutions from ancient classical wisdom and applying them to modern problems. Each chapter suggests easy stress-busting exercises to help put you back in control of your life.

Other areas covered include: Stress recognition and control, hints for managing panic attacks, diary management, stress in the workplace, the physical effects of stress, the healing power of relaxation and the importance ofdaydreaming, optimum nutrition to empower you, saying ‘no’ before you reach your coping limit.

About Susan Balfour

Susan Balfour is a psychotherapist who has made a special study of the stress syndrome: what causes it, how it affects our health and how to manage it in daily living. She has a private therapy practice in south west London where she works with individuals but also advises companies, and lectures extensively on the subject of stress management. Susan has been featured on a number of television programmes about stress and anxiety management and has worked with leading medical specialists on the management of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Susan was enjoying a glamorous career as a model in the ‘swinging 60s’producing fashion shows, teaching at the Lucie Clayton School of modelling and working for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. er HerHer interest in stress came from first-hand experience. The death of her mother had a devastating effect on Susan. Her dog was run over and killed shortly afterwards. Her marriage broke down and she lost her home. Her life had become unrecognisable ina short space of time and she suffered severe stress overload as a result. Having no choice but to re-build her life,for the sake of her young daughter, made her interested in learning how to cope with stress. Susan now shares her knowledge to help others.

‘A wise and well-rounded book. This is the latest offering from Susan Balfour, an experienced and sensible therapist who combines a great spread of knowledge from a range of disciplines, and who knows what works.  Clearly and accessibly written.’

Dr. Richard M. Pearson FRCP

Consultant Physician and Sen. Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology

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