The Therapist’s Cat: A Chance to Win My Inspiration!



The crux of the book is a talking wise cat who explains to her psychotherapist human all about her spiritual path, the path of humanity, and who goes onto to help prevent the growing cruelty of the human world against animals. She’s a beautiful, black fluffy little soul, her name is Moo and this book is her gospel. 


It is more than that too, it is thought provoking, well written, it’s not all education from a cat either, there are other little plot divergences (love, life, near death experiences, enlightenment, bees… you name it!) great characters and a strong pull to keep on turning those pages. It’s genius, it’s readable and it will open your eyes to the possibility that, according to Moo the Cat, God has Fur! 


Not only do  I love the book. I love how it came to me. When Stephanie told me about it, I couldn’t help get excited. Because my cat Molly, also goes by the name Moo. If you’ve read my book you know I’m a sucker for a non-coincidence, and so mine and Steffies friendship began. 


This book is a true inspiration. Steffie is a true inspiration for having written it. I am humbled to publish it, and I want you guys to know all about it too!


Happily I have one copy to post to a lucky winner. If you want to enter to win the book please leave a comment below. Doesn’t matter what you say in the comment, any old thing will do! Good luck, and remember that God Has Fur! 


The Book Blurb…. 

This is  a poignant, charming and amusing fiction story that raises very  moral questions about our interaction with animals and how this may impact on us at a later date. 

Psychotherapist, Pete Shepherd’s life is changed dramatically when his new girlfriend, Emmie, presents him with a kitten called Moo.  Not particularly fond of cats he is about to take Moo into an animal rescue centre when he discovers that she can both speak his language and read his thoughts.   

Moo has a mission: to educate Pete about the very dire state of the animal kingdom due to humanity’s mistreatment and mishandling of animals. Gradually she begins to educate Pete on animal evolution  that is strange, fascinating and rather disturbing if this is true. Apparently, a race of animal beings, known as the Nasym, have forced their way into the human evolutionary chain in order to escape the cruelty. 

Moo’s deepest fear is of becoming human and losing her fur; because a life without the qualities of fur is unbearable and also what she believes to be humanity’s fundamental problem.