GreenEarth Dry Cleaning! Launching in London

The event will celebrate the culmination of Johnson Cleaners’ 10 year vision to bring better quality fabric cleaning to garments as part of their strategy to become more closely aligned with the fashion industry.

When: From 9am – 1.30pm, Tuesday 1st October, 2013 

Where : London – starting at Green Park tube station, passing through Oxford Street, Argyll Street, Regent Street and Savile Row.

What: A celebration of the launch of GreenEarth® cleaning across all of Johnson Cleaners stores with a mob of 75 green earthlings. 

Opportunities on the day:

To celebrate this advancement into a more innovative way of caring for clothes, on the morning of Tuesday 1st October 2013, a mob of 75 green earthlings will congregate in London and begin their journey to search for the location of GreenEarth®. Their journey begins at Green Park and will take them through the key shopping districts of London. It promises to be a fantastic spectacle and will bring a touch of fun and happiness to an otherwise standard October Tuesday.

There will be many photo opportunities with the green earthlings available as they move around Central London. We’ve included an itinerary of the day’s activities, so you can choose a time and location that suits you and so that you can also increase the chances of getting a unique shot to capture the occasion. You can view the itinerary using the link in the email. There will be ample opportunity to interview the Johnson Cleaners’ spokespeople who will be present at the event – please contact us to schedule an appropriate time and place for this.

More on the Scientific Research:

GreenEarth® is a patented process for drycleaning that uses pure liquid silicone – a clear, odorless, natural, non-toxic by-product of sand that doesn’t chemically interact with fabrics. Use of GreenEarth® means that even technical or luxurious fabrics can be cleaned and clothes keep feeling of “new” for longer. Additionally GreenEarth® has the benefit of being environmentally non-toxic.

A recent study by the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute ran a series of tests on an Alice & Olivia garment. The pictures show the difference in results between 5 cleans using traditional dry cleaning methods and 5 cleans using GreenEarth®.


Please view the video here:

About Johnson Cleaners:

Johnson Cleaners is the largest dry cleaning company in the UK. The company offers a laundry and ironing service, alterations and repairs, shoes repairs, key cutting executive service, curtain and duvet cleaning, carpet and rug cleaning, wedding dress and formal wear cleaning, suede and leather cleaning and motorcycle leathers cleaning.

Johnson Cleaners is a founding member of GreenEarth® and the only national dry cleaning company licensed to offer the GreenEarth® technology. The GreenEarth® process uses pure liquid silicone – a safe, natural byproduct of sand that doesn’t chemically interact with fabrics. Proven to be kinder to skin and clothes, the solvent breaks down easily into natural elements if released into the environment.

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