New Zealand Wonder Product Hailed As New Botox

In particular the focus has been on researching and developing effective treatments which are entirely non-invasive but are based on topical skin care alone. The discovery of which would result in fewer wrinkles but without any foreign substance from entering the body and without any surgical intervention, non-invasive or otherwise. Many people are sceptical about the use of Botox because it involves the use of a poison and because there are potential side effects to using it.


It may well be that such a wonder treatment has been discovered – in the form of trailblazing skincare range Moana. Using all-natural ingredients this organic skin care range harnesses the power of red seaweed, garnered exclusively from New Zealand shores. Scientists discovered the immense potency this marine plant has on the skin as a by-product of marine research. What sets this ingredient apart from any other is its unique ability to actually stimulate collagen production in the skin; so far creams and other products can only add substances which mimic our own collagen and therefore plump up skin artificially. The bioactive red seaweed actually changes the messages our own cells make, telling our skin to produce more collagen and thereby reversing the signs of collagen-related decline.


This sounds too good to be true! How exactly does it work?

The active ingredient within the red seaweed is a complex carbohydrate chain called glycans. We actually produce these ourselves and it’s the decline of glycan production that has been linked to the reversal in the production of collagen, the protein that keeps skin supple. Once the production of it ceases the skin’s thickness declines, leading to wrinkles and loss of volume. The glycans from the red seaweed so closely resemble our own that it is able to send the message between cells to produce collagen, just as our own would.


The absorption of this extract is 60% greater than brown seaweed alone, and its properties are believed to be a result of the great flora and fauna in and around New Zealand’s coast and the amazing bio-diversity that has been allowed to flourish. New Zealand has long been highly regarded for its progressive agricultural policy and its commitment to environmental matters. All of which has contributed to a thriving marine life.


100% natural and organic

What makes the Moana skincare range an even more exciting discovery is its own commitment to natural and ethical production. The products are comprised of 95% red seaweed extract, with the remaining 5% made up from other natural and indigenous New Zealand plant extracts, which are also beneficial for the skin. So, far from using a poison to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles this is a 100% organic skincare range which can deliver similar results to the botulism injections – a huge leap forward in the quest for anti-ageing.


Available in the UK

Moana has partnered up with the Natural Skincare Company, a trusted supplier of 100% natural and organic skincare products, who exclusively supply Moana products to the UK.