Spa Treatments That Are Earth Friendly


Today, it’s considerably easier to find green spa treatments that don’t impact the earth. That way, you don’t have to feel guilty about pampering yourself. When visiting your local spa, ask about these treatments to stay green.

Local Spa Treatments


Many spas are starting to use local ingredients in their treatments because awareness of locally grown products is much more common among the average consumer. The reason treatments using locally grown ingredients are better for the earth is because they don’t have to be trucked or shipped in – often after a manufacturing process that often requires a considerable use of fossil fuels and packaging.


While the ingredients a spa uses may not be grown in their backyard, local ingredients greatly cut down on bad emissions. Some spas even grow their own ingredients for items like face masks, especially if they’re using products such as mint or other fresh herbs which are relatively easy to grow in small spaces.


If a local spa in your area is using homegrown or local ingredients it’s likely a selling point for them, but don’t be afraid to ask about where their ingredients or products are sourced and if they have access to local products.


Organic Spa Treatments


Organic doesn’t always mean healthier or better for you when it comes to spa treatments, but it does mean that the production of the ingredients was much healthier for the earth. That’s because chemical-filled pesticides and other problematic products aren’t used in the growth of ingredients in products that can be certified as organic.


Although not all spas have organic treatments available to customers, they are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Organic spa treatments are readily available in big cities where organic awareness is high, so be sure to do some looking around before picking your spa.


Single Ingredient Treatments


In many spas you’ll see treatments that use combination products or manufactured products with dozens of ingredients designed to help the skin. Unfortunately, the process of making these products tends to be hard on the environment.


One easy way to stay green at the spa is to choose treatments that utilize single ingredients. For example, coffee is commonly used in spas for anti-aging treatments, and antioxidant rich berry masks are also very popular.


Of course, it’s even better if these ingredients are locally sourced and organic, but the fact that they’re made with only one or two ingredients greatly cuts down on their potential harm to the planet.



These ingredients are also biodegradable, which means they can be easily discarded after use without harming the environment. In fact, coffee used in facial treatments and berry masks is actually able to enrich soil.

Taking a trip to the spa is an ideal way for many people to relax after a busy week or month, but if you make the effort to live a green life, you’ll likely want the same from your spa. Luckily, if you do your homework and take time to investigate spas and their treatments, you should be able to locate a spa that shares your values.


Once you do, you can enjoy being pampered without all of the guilt.


Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer in Southern California. She specializes in beauty and health topics and enjoys going to the spa, especially when she knows it is eco-friendly.