Botanical in the spotlight: Immortelle

Also known as Everlasting, this yellow flower does retains its colour once cut and dried, hence the name.

Immortelle contains a wealth of skin caring benefits such as decreasing the dilation of blood vessels, redness and dark circles under the eyes. It soothes irritations as well as promoting the regeneration of new skin cells. Being a gentle astringent it is able to tone the skin thus making it well suited to teat acne scars, congested skin and eczema type conditions.


So Pure Skincare  use the pure distillate which is created during the essential oil extraction of Organic Immortelle. The following So Pure skincare contain this organic Immortelle hydrolate: Gentle Cleansing Drops,  Radiance Flower Nectar, Anti Ageing Serum and Rejuvenating Eye Serum. These products can be found online at