Containing Rare Miracle Ingredient – Barbary Fig Exclusive British Range

The key ingredient in each product is one of the world’s most expensive oils, found only in arid climates, Barbary Fig (Opuntia Ficus – Indica), also known as ‘Prickly Pear’. It takes 2205 pounds (1000 kilos) of Barbary Fig fruit to create just one litre of Barbary Fig oil. Packed with antioxidants and more than twice the vitamin E of Argan oil and four times more powerful, this miracle plant has the ability to retain its own cell hydration levels – essential when targeting signs of anti-ageing.


Grown in the arid conditions of Morocco, the ‘Prickly Pear’ fruit has evolved to protect itself from the hot, harsh and dry conditions of the desert. The oil which comes from the cold pressed seeds of the fruit, offers similar protection to the skin, keeping it hydrated and supple.


Now available in the UK, Willow Organic Beauty is the only British brand to include ECO Certified Barbary Fig Oil in its formulations of Soil Association Certified Organic anti-ageing skincare.


Gentle Cleansing Balm, 120ml, £38

A nourishing cleansing balm containing our Barbary Fig super oil, combines the cooling and healing properties of Comfrey with Marigold, which contain saponins, to help keep the skin cleaner for longer. This magic balm should be massaged gently onto the skin and then removed with our dampened muslin cloth, leaving skin soft and clear. Suitable for normal, dry and mature skin.


Deeply Hydrating Toner, 50ml, £24

Deeply hydrating and soothing toner containing our Barbary Fig super oil combined with Chickweed and Marigold extract, to purify, calm and refine the skin. Use on cleansed skin to remove any last traces of cleanser, to leave skin feeling refreshed and energised. Suitable for normal, dry, combination and mature skin.


Gentle Exfoliator, 50ml, £38

Willow’s gentle exfoliator draws out impurities and brightens the complexion, whilst helping to regenerate and refine the skin’s texture. Containing our Barbary Fig super oil to hydrate and eliminate antioxidants, helping to minimize wrinkles and naturally boost youthful radiance, whilst the Bamboo extracts naturally soothes the skin. Suitable for all skin types.


Advanced Anti-ageing Cream Mask, 50ml, £62

A regenerative cream mask, formulated to help defend the skin from signs of ageing. Leave on the skin for 10 minutes and let the rich combination of our Barbary Fig super oil, combined with firming Nettle essence and Elderflower tighten and soften the skin, leaving it feeling calm and revitalised. This mask is suitable for normal, sensitive and mature skin.


Intensive Anti-ageing Eye Serum, 15ml, £44

A superb product for targeting lines and puffiness around the eyes. This intensive serum with Barbary Fig super oil combines the gentle botanical essences of Comfrey, renowned for its ability to aid the regeneration of skin cells, with tightening Nettle Essence and Orange Oil to help hydrate, lift and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


Advanced Anti-ageing Serum, 20ml, £82

Willow’s intensive anti-ageing serum combines our Barbary Fig super oil with the essence of Elder, Marshmallow root (which has regenerative powers, making it an essential ingredient for anti-aging skincare), Rose and Neroli, helping to restore the skin’s radiance. These powerful active botanical ingredients help to soothe, protect, detoxify and nourish the skin, creating a radiant and youthful glow. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.


Intense Repair Cream, 50ml, £74

Willow’s luxurious and rich repair cream is the ultimate treatment for your skin, with its advanced, intensive formula, it helps to restore and renew the skin’s vitality and plump out fine lines. The Advanced Intense Repair Cream contains the concentrated botanical essence of Barbary Fig with Chickweed – known to soothe inflammation and repair tissue, plus rejuvenating Orange Oil which helps to rid the skin’s surface of dead skin cells leaving your skin refreshed. Used as a day cream (especially in cold weather) this little pot of heaven will protect and nourish, or used at night – it will help rejuvenate and restore the skin’s natural balance, leaving it looking firm and radiant. To be used on the face, neck and décolletage, this cream is suitable for normal, mature and dry skin.


All Willow Organic Beauty products are free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphates, and mineral oil. The entire range is Soil Association certified Organic.


18 years ago, Sue Stowell – founder of Willow Organic Beauty moved to the New Forest from London, where she had been working as an interior designer for 20 years. Sue was immediately inspired by the beautiful countryside around her and was then able to develop her passion for nature by living an increasingly organic lifestyle, creating her own 100% organic garden at her home in Lymington.

It was then that Sue was asked to design the interior of the award winning SenSpa. She began to look for a product range that was aligned with the SenSpa experience of pampering, indulgence and relaxation, however Sue quickly realised that no one was offering a genuinely organic, luxurious product range that delivered superior performance, and so Willow Organic Beauty was born.


Each product in the new highly effective and unique range of Willow Organic Beauty products, with Barbary Fig has been scientifically formulated using the very best organic and natural ingredients, to deliver superior benefits to the skin. Using this luxurious range of products transports you into your very own spa retreat where indulgence is top of the agenda.


Willow Organic Beauty’s guiding principle is that there should be no compromise on quality, purity or beauty.